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Sep 05


The Unreal Never Lived
ENGuest: Mike

NC: As first, tell us a litte bit about the band, the members or biography ?

YOB (Mike): My name is Mike S and I am the guitarist/singer for YOB. YOB started out in 1996 under a few different band names. I was jamming with various people off and on but couldn?t get anyone to commit to playing DOOM. At the time the style was largely unknown in the US, especially where I am from. But there was NO WAY I was going to change my vision. YOB was going to play DOOM, period. Finally in 1999 I recorded a demo with a studio drummer and the band magically formed it?s first stabe line-up from this demo with Lowell Iles on bass and Gabe Morley on drums. We recorded Elaborations Of Carbon together in late 2000 and i wasn?t released until 2002 on 12th Records. Lowell Iles left the band and then Isamu stepped in. We recorded Catharsis for Abstract Sounds which saw a 2003 release. Thenb we yet again saw line-up changes with Gabe leaving and Travis Foster stepping in.This line-up has recorded our 3rd and 4th albums for Metal Blade The Illusion Of Motion and The Unreal Never Lived.

NC: What means the 3 letters "YOB" ?

YOB (Mike): I got the name from a 50?s space cartoon. We wanted a name that we could define ourselves and paint ourselves in a corner. We later found out that nin the UK a ?yob? is a thug or punk and that ?yob? means ?fucked ? in Russian.

NC: Which bands have influenced YOB the most, whats the musical roots ?

Our biggest influences: early Cathedral, SLEEP, early Electric Wizard, Neurosis, Burning Witch, IMMOLATION, Pink Floyd, Will Haven, Iron Maiden, Akercocke, The Obsessed, Pentagram, High On Fire, Count Raven, etc

NC: The new Album "The Unreal Never Lived" is out now on Metal Blade Records. Give us some background information about the record ?

YOB (Mike): It is our darkest album I think. We recorded it right before we hit the road for a US tour in March/April 2005. We spent the most time we ever have dialing in sounds and experimenting with microphone placement and I think it is our best sounding album to date.

NC: Tell us a litte bit about the sounds from the songs ?

YOB (Mike): It has pretty much everything our fans have come to expect from YOB. Lots of variation in vocal styles and many extremes in tempo variation and twists in vibe from melodic quiet parts to dissonant heaviness. The average song length is 10+ minutes with the closing track being over 20 minutes long.

NC: How important is the atmosphere and the feeling into the songs ?

YOB (Mike): It is EVERYTHING. Without the atmosphere and feeling then it?s just a collection of riffs and not a diverse album of SONGS. Songcraft is the most important thing to me in coming up with ideas for musical introspection. If the riffs I come up with aren?t contributing to a air of imagination and exploration then they either get reworked or scrapped.

NC: How is the feedback about the album and the response on your show ?

YOB (Mike): The feedback we are getting is better than ever. The Unreal Never Lived is getting consistently favorable reviews. Our live shows have always been received well. We are very loud with good tones coming from our amplification. We take our gear VERY seriously. In addition to this we are very tight and don?t just stand in one place. We really get into our music live and our love of DOOM is more than obvious in the live setting.

NC: Give us a overview about the lyrics, what kind of topics are treated in the new songs ?

YOB (Mike): The lyrics for The Unreal Never Lived still follow the eastern mystic vibes meets Quantum Physics trip. The album title is a quote from Sri Nisargatta, a Indian spiritual teacher who? lived in Bombay until his death in 1998. He meant that our mental creations of the world, society, philosophy play on the surface of what we call ?reality? . Without our participation, they truly don?t exist. Or they do exist but only in a most transient way. We call a tree a tree and ebecuase we have labeled it and someone has studied it, we leave it as that. That frontier has been been conquered. But we really don?t know what a tree IS. We also don?t know what a human being IS either. These are just names used for communication?s purposes. The actual reality that is a tree doesn?t need our labels. It just IS. This is a very imperfect example of the spirit of the album?s lyrics.

NC: Whats up in the next, when is a european tour planed ?

YOB (Mike): We are putting together plans for a European tour as we speak. Not sure exacly when we will come over but in will be in 2006 for sure. NC: Give us some last words... do you have someting to say ?

YOB (Mike): THANK YOU for this interview!!! And thanks to everyone who has supported YOB! DOOM!!!!

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