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Oct 06


Talk about Unearth III Eyes Of Fire
ENGuest: Ken Susi

NC: As first, give us a short overview about the band Unearth.

Unearth(Ken Susi): We are a five piece band from Boston MA. Unearth was established in the year 1998, since then we have toured relentlessly around the world mostly the united states playing the music that we love to play. We usually stay in the road for about 8 to 10 months a year. We have played a ton of great shows and played with many talented bands. We are truly blessed!

NC: The Album "The Upcoming Storm" is one of the powerful Albums from the last year. How was the Feedback about this Recording?

Unearth(Ken Susi): ?THE ONCOMING STORM? was a very successful record for us. Many people went out to buy it as well as come out to see us play live. That record broke us out into the metal world and we are very proud of that record!

NC: It?s hard to top the last Album. How starts the Songwriting for the new Record, whats your inspire to create this new songs ?

Unearth(Ken Susi): As a whole, Unearth really wanted to go into the studio and write a real different kind of metal record. The real goal behind this record was to make a modern day thrash record with some really intricate metal riffs. There?s no metal core riffs, no sing-songy choruses, and no simple chuga chuga breakdowns. Everything?s well thought out and really aggressive. We we?re also really happy with the approach that we took. We didn?t use click tracks or any other type of fancy studio tricks to make our record sound great. Sorry everyone, we played every note on this record and we made sure it sounds organic, so people know we didn?t have to replace anything. I think we were just sick of listening to fake shitty overproduced ?perfect? records. We wanted to do this record old school and be the first band to go out on a limb and record with out all the studio tricks that everyone relies on. Fuck cheating!!!?

NC: The new and 3th Album "Eyes Of Fire" is out now, tell us about the new record ?

Unearth(Ken Susi): It raw and trashy and organic?..I thought I covered most of it in the last question. It?s a must listen to for all metal lovers

NC: How was the first feedback about the new Album?

Unearth(Ken Susi): So far all the reviews have been great. Our fans are coming to the shows and are responding well to the new music so I believe it?s a success. Every we are selling a lot of copies all over the world and that means a lot to me. It means people are vibeing with the record and that very important to us?we are very happy!!!

NC: The songs have more space in it, more space for other sick things. The songwriting is larger and you put more different things in it!
How important is it for Unearth to keep this high technical level in your Guitars and Drumming, and give the songs all that tunes and the right motion?

Unearth(Ken Susi): As far as our music goes, we write what feels right for us?.
unearth prides itself on are always trying to improve our sound.
It is important to keep trying to top your self and push yourself to write better material. We practice hard, write hard, and always play live hard so we always keep our ears to the street and try to stay current or sometimes even ahead of what everyone else is doing at the moment. We are an original band you well never see unearth follow others in order to write music.

NC: How is it to be one of the top band in the US and European metalcore scene? Many Fans and many bands are influenced by tunes like Unearth !

Unearth(Ken Susi): I hate the term metalcore or any label dealing with characterizing music. It feels good that we are accepted in the US, Europe and the rest of the world but we are not going to attach labels to our music or ourselves. We are a metal band that play?s for its fans. We are going to do our part to make ourselves happy as well as our awesome fans. It feels good to be a well liked metal act and that?s why we go out on tour so much to play for as many people as possible.

NC: You are on support tour with Hatebreed in Europe the next months, when is a headliner tour planed?

Unearth(Ken Susi): I hope sometime in February!!! I would love to come back and headline Europe soon

NC: What is planed for the next time and up coming year?

Unearth(Ken Susi): Not sure yet?. for now we are doing a Japan and Australia tour with killswitch engage and Lamb of God. After that we do the hatebreed tour. After that I?m not sure on.

NC: Thank you for the Interview. Do you have some last words to our readers?

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