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Jan 06


No Longer Buried
ENGuest: Adrian

NC: Hello, give us a short profile about the band Trendkill ?

Trendkill (Adrian): Ok....Me (Adrian) Erik and Marcus started the band in 98 as Aggressive Serpent and in the first year just learning ourselves how to play the fucking instruments, and after a while we started to record some demos. In 2002 we had some new members in Conny and andre, changed the name to Trendkill and recorded 2 new demos and where playing some really good shows here in sweden. And then we got in contact with regain records,got ourselves a good deal and recorded the our debut album "no longer buried" so there is where we are right now.

Tell us about your music, whats the sound of Trendkill ?

Trendkill (Adrian): Non stop aggression, it?s like 40 minutes of pure aggression.

We are not trying to fool ourselves or the listeners and put in some shit in to the music just to sell some more records, this is what we are doing and it?s up to you if you like it or not. If you do,it makes me glad but if you don?t I couldn?t care less. Everyones says this but it?s the just the truth and that is that we are doing this for ourselves. We are not just a new band out there,we have been doing this for almost 8 years now and worked our asses of for this.We never turned down a show,and we have recorded so many songs over the years and worked ourselves up slowly and careful, so I honestly think that we realy deserved this deal with such a great label as Regain records.

What are the musical influences and wich bands do you like today ?

Trendkill (Adrian): I personally growed up with bands like Eucharist,Twister sister,Metallica,and Pantera, and also some pop and rockbands. I have always been into music so it was a natural step for me to start and playing in some a band. I don?t think the metal scene is so good these days,to many bands out there is changing there directions just to get out to a bigger auidience.And that sucks so much,there is some bands I relly loved in the past that changed to the worse. But bands like Hatebreed,Raised fist,Amen and Raging speedhorn is always satiesfiding, and you always know what you will get. So you can say like this, now thesedays when I have my ass filled up with work with both Trendkill and By night it?s so good that I am not just in to metal, bands like Dave matthew,counting crows and Spin doctors helps me to find new and fresh inspiration.

Trendkill win the "Best Demo Close-Up Award" tell us a litte bit about it ?

Trendkill (Adrian): Yeah, it was satisfieding as hell and it helped us a lot,we had some big shows after that and many people heard the song on the close up cd. It is the biggest metal magazine in sweden and as a un signed band is always important to get some good reviews.

NC: Your first album "No Longer Buried" was released on november, lets talk about the records and the songs ?

Trendkill (Adrian): It?s a amazing honest record, the raw sound,the songs and lyrics, they are all about honestly to ourselves. We are very proud about it and that is the only thing that matters. we said like this, let?s not over produce this one, let get it as close to live as we can so the audience won?t be dissapointed when they we will see us live, and we really find the right balance. the songs is like a punch in your face,all of them, no time to breath. I love them all and they work so good at the live shows,as you can imagine when you listen to the rcord. Maybe we will try to put some slower and even more heavier on the next record,we?ll see.

NC: How is the feedback about your songs and the album ?

Trendkill (Adrian): Like always, some people loves it and some not. but from the bottom from my heart,I don?t really care, it?s up to the label to care. it?s a hard job to review this album, you have to get it some time, it?s not a metal album with 10 hit song on. It?s a album that growes all the time and after maybe 50 times you will get the right opinion about it.

Tell us a litte bit bout the lyrics on your songs ?

Trendkill (Adrian): It?s better that the listener read them themselves and get there own view about them, some of them is very personal for me and I would not even be abel to explain them to myself. And I don?t feel the need to explain some things to others,and absolutly not to people that I don?t even know,maybe they can use them to fight there own demons. But almost there is more of the lyrics that is criticising the people ,world around me and things that I read and hear every day. I could speak about this for hours and it?s hard for me to get it down here in one interview but you can look at it like this. I don?t find it hard to get inspiration to the lyrics in this world we are living, I don?t tell the listeners what to do or what to say, I tell them to think for themselves.

NC: How was the Songwriting process for the album ?

Trendkill (Adrian): Some songs on this album is 3 years old, we had a long time writing this album, we where unsigned before this album and didn?t feel that we had to rush, but we had some new songs that we didn?t even took to the studio just beacuse we fellt that some of the older songs was even better so we recorded them instead . erik does almost every riff and I write the lyrics and make some changing in the arrangement. he comes up with ideas that we try in the rehersalroom and working slowly forward on every song to get it as perfect we can. some riffs just cames up when we rehares but 95% is comming from eriks department.

NC: What is coming in the next ? When is a European Tour planed ?

Trendkill (Adrian): I working on some really good shows here in sweden right now, but we are talkning to some booking agencys that can help us with that in the future,and when is come to the european tour,today we don?t know but we realy hope to get out on the road as soon as possible and there is people that working on it. and we working on some new songs, and I can easaly say that they won?t dissapoint the people out there.

NC: Thanks for the interview, do you want to say some last words to our readers ?
Cheers, Pierre (Nc-Head)

Trendkill (Adrian): Give the record some time and you will hear it grow, and for the younger kids that don?t have so much money, you can download some songs from the record on our website that you can find on so don?t wait. Thank you adrian Trendkill

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