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Oct 13

Tides From Nebula

The Eternal Movement Interview
ENGuest: Adam Waleszyński

NC: First of all, it's great to you have you in an interview, hows going?

TFN(Adam): Hello there! Thank you very much for invitation. Everything is going very well! Thanks for asking.

NC: Tides From Nebula's music is very atmospheric and instrumental Post Rock! Whats you intention to play this kind of music?

TFN(Adam): It was never an intention. When we started a band we were looking for a singer but we never found a proper one. After some time we decided to be instrumental, but we never thought to ourselves that "hey we are going to play music called post rock" Everything went out naturally i think.

NC: Whats your influence to write this music and how do you get all the ideas?

TFN(Adam): Well it depends on the album. If we will take the last one on the table , we were inspired by human nature more than in the other albums. So it happens that when you are inspired by something music just goes out. Anyways - we sit in our studio and are recording our music part by part trying all the possible ideas.

NC: Your 3th Album "Eternal Movement" is out now. How is the feedback about the press and your fans?

TFN(Adam): From the press is better than it was with the previous albums, which is absolutely great! Fans like our new child very much also so this is even better!

NC: The music and the arrangement of your new songs are a little bit different to the songs from "Aura" and "Earthshine". The previous songs are more into a long flow step by step upbuilding structure. And the new Songs are coming faster to the point and you have more different riffs in it. Of course, every band wants to develop and not always play the same. Please tell us a little bit about the songwriting for "Eternal Movement" and what you wanted to do differently this time?

TFN(Adam): Well we felt that this time we are going to play a little bit faster and little bit more "songish". As a band we love to develop and try a new stuff all the time. Put it together with hard work and in our opinion few steps forward are ready from that mixture. After very ambient album Earthshine we wanted to try to go back to more live and more powerful music but still with the experience of our previous work.

NC: Without a singer you have to fill all he space into the music with different tones, guitars, effects and parts to make the song interesting for the listener! How do you write the songs, whats your ideas to fill out the space in your arrangement?

TFN(Adam): Well it is not about filling up the space in the songs, but it is the matter of melody. We thing that this is the most important thing in the music. What is the thing that plays in your head when you heard a song and loved it from a very first moment? Correct. Melody. So we are trying to make our music as full of melodies as possible.

NC: Tech Talk I… Tell us about your Equipment, Amps, Guitars and Effects

TFN(Adam): I'm using Gibson Les Paul Studio and I love that one! Right now I'm in the moment of changing my amp, but till now I used Laney GH50L and I loved it, but every history has it end and you have to move on so I'm checking the new possibilities. Effects? Well we use everything besides chorus - we hate that one!

NC: Tech Talk II… How do you create your special guitar tone and the general sound of TFN?

TFN(Adam): Well, we are playing a lot of rehearsals so our sound is the end road of many hours spent in our studio. When we are recording albums it is completely different. Last time when we got into Rolling Tapes Studio with our producer Christer and we got into the guitar room with all the amps and effects we felt like kids in toy store. There were no boundaries and no limits. So what we loved we took, and then we started to looking for the perfect sound that suited all of us.

NC: Tech Talk III… Lets talk about Guitar Effects. How do you work with effect, what kind of effects and how do you use them in the Studio and Live on stage?

TFN(Adam): Well in the studio as i told before - we used everything. When we are recording we always thinking about the album, not about playing live. Then, when we are preparing for live shows we are developing sounds on our effect, even if not exact, at least very close. So in the studio we used everything starting from MooG effect, going trough Eventide and ending on BOSS old head analog delays.

NC: How difficult is it to find names for your songs. How do you find the names, and how your going to something there?

TFN(Adam): Sometimes it is difficult, sometimes it is not. usually one of us gives a proposition, next it goes to the rest of the band and those are giving they opinion. Funny thing is that we feel the same about the title for the song, but in the same time each of us has his own thought and connection about the title. We always try to give a small message in our titles, but we never want to give a full concept albums, we are not ready to do that and we don't feel to wise for that yes. we thing it is very difficult to make a good concept, and we don't want to give something very bad from us. We want to music speak for itself so the listener can hear his own story, we just give small, even tiny roadsigns.

NC: You had some shows with The Ocean on their tour, and you are also on tour next month here in Germany with The Ocean, Hacride, ext… How was the first shows and what can we expect from the upcoming Germany Dates.

TFN(Adam): Well, we never played with The Ocean, these are going to be the first shows. Anyways we can't wait for that! It is going to be a great package and a great adventure! All i can say that in Germany expect from us 100% on stage. If you haven't seen us live yet just buy a ticket and come. Hopefully you are going to like it.

NC: So far so good, thank you very much for this interview, i hope to catch you guys here in Germany on the upcoming tour. Do you want to say something as well?

TFN(Adam): Thanks a lot for the opportunity to speak out! Have a great day and thanks a lot to the all readers of the See you on the shows!

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