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Jun 06

Thread Signal

Not new metal core... we are Metal
ENGuest: Jon Howard

NC: Hi, tell us first something about the band "Threat Signal" ?

Thread Signal(Jon): 5 crazy bastards from Canada. We are not new metal core screamo whatever you call it shit, we are METAL.

NC: Tell us what kind of music "Threat Signal" play ?

Thread Signal(Jon): I guess you could call it something like melodic syncopated thrash metal. Its really hard to describe because all of the elements involved. I just called it kick ass metal.

NC: In the begining of Threat Signal you put your Demo online at The Feedback was amazing and many downloads! Did your carrier start here

Thread Signal(Jon): You could say made us realize that our music was actually really good, and we may have a chance to go somewhere with it. I uploaded Rational Eyes onto the site in early 2004. This was one of our first demo songs. I just wanted some feedback on the song, just to see what we could improve on. But to my surprise it hit number one in the metal charts surpassing over 8000 other entries. That basically gave us a kick in the ass and told us to get the band rolling. At that point we didn?t have a drummer or a bass player, so it was time to get a band together!

NC: You Nuclear Blast Deb?t Album "Under Reprisal" is out now. How is the Feedback about the Record ?

Thread Signal(Jon): The album was released in Europe May 26th, and I couldn?t be more happy with the reaction! Press and Fans have been very receptive towards the music. Everyone has been very great to us, very positive, and I cant wait to show them how its done live!!

NC: Tell us a litte bit about the songs, how sounds "Under Reprisal" ?
Thread Signal(Jon): Each song has its own flavour, no two songs are alike. We wrote the songs for Under Reprisal over the span of two years. In that time we began crafting our sound, and growing as musicians and song writers. You may be able to hear how the songs evolve on the album, Im not sure, but I know the album is a journey and it takes you to many different places.

NC: Your music is very technical. How important is it for you to create the songs very technical and groovy and the songwriting so different and interesting ?

Thread Signal(Jon): We like writing music that is difficult and challenging to play. That way it keeps pushing us to the next level and keeps us interested. Not saying all of the riffs are very technical, but most of them are pretty crazy! We think its very important to keep the heaviness as well as the melodic aspects. Once again jumping around with styles and sounds keeps us interested and enthusiastic with what we are playing.

NC: Tell us a litte bit about Songwriting and recording process, how do "Threat Signal" make the songs ?

Thread Signal(Jon): It?s not the ?typical? method of writing with us. We don?t sit around the drum kit as a band and write songs together. Usually Kyle will write a riff at home, tab the notes into his computer and send them to the band. We create each song with midi drums, bass, and guitars on the computer. Kyle, Rich and I send the songs back and forth to each other adding different parts and arranging the songs until they are perfect. It?s a very efficient, precise way of writing. One the songs are created on the computer, we record real guitars on the PC. We don?t usually play a song together until it is completely finished and recorded exactly how we want it.

NC: What kind of topics "Thread Signal" thread in the lyrics ?

Thread Signal(Jon): I talk about many things. My lyrics are just about my life experience and what I?ve seen or can see through my eyes. I speak about personally issues, global issues, whatever is on my mind. I spend a lot of time thinking and writing my lyrics, they are not just bullshit lines scribbled on a paper to fill in a song. My best advice is to read my lyrics and develop your own idea of what im talking about. Its hard for me to cram thoughts in your head and tell you what to think, because you might have a totally different idea of what the song means. I think people can relate better that way.

NC: Whats happen with an european tour in the next ?

Thread Signal(Jon): I hope soon! We are working on some dates in Europe but nothing is settled yet. As of now we have the Earth Shaker festival in Germany July 20th. Should be an ass kicker!

NC: Thank you very much vor the interview. Do you have some last words to your readers ?

Thread Signal(Jon): Thank you so much for checking us out and supporting our music. And if you see us on tour, please come say hello and drink some beers with us!! Cheers, Jon Howard

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