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Aug 06

The Arcane Order

The Machinery Of Oblivion
ENGuest: Flemming

The Arcane Order werden am 14.08.2006 ihr Deb?t Album "The Machinery Of Oblivion" ?ber Metal Blade Records ver?ffentlichen. Ein explosives Release welches viele Freunde im modernen Trash und Deathmetal Lager finden wird. Ein sehr interessanter Sound den die Herren hier spielen und somit Grund genug sich mit Flemming ?ber die Band, das neue Album, ihren kreativen Sound und ihr Songwriting zu unterhalten.

As first, tell us a litte bit about the Band "The Arcane Order" ?

TAO (Flemming): My idea of forming Scavenger actually started in 1999/2000 when things with my old band Autumn Leaves were starting to go in a direction I wasn?t too happy about. It became evident that none of the guys in the band, including me, had the spirit to go on, and more or less wanted to move in different directions, so I started writing songs for my own project. Shortly thereafter I was asked to join my old Thrash heroes Invocator, and so the song writing for Scavenger was put on hold for a while. After having spent a couple of years in Invocator and having co-written the songs for the album we did (?Through The Flesh To The Soul?), I had the energy to finish up the Scavenger songs for an album.

NC: What means the Bandname "The Arcane Order" give us some Background Informations ?

TAO (Flemming): We wanted a metal-sounding name and at the same time a bandname that sounded a bit original. The Arcane Order also means The Mysterious Order and we liked the mysterious approach in the bandname. We would like to represent our music as partly dark and mysterious so we thought the band name suited us well.

NC: Tell us about your music, how sounds it ?

TAO (Flemming): It?s hard to define the style but basicly it?s Thrash Metal with some Death Metal stuff added. We have influences from oldschool stuff but also more modern stuff, and that is why we use keyboards and samples to create the perfect atmosphere in the music.

NC: What kind of music are your roots ?

TAO (Flemming): We?ve been listening to metal for many years now, so many of the good old bands are our roots? bands like Testament, Exodus, Dark Angel. So mainly old Thrash metal but also newer stuff and some Death Metal as well.

NC: The new Album "The Machinery Of Oblivion" will be out on 14.08.2006 over Metal Blade records ! Tell us a litte bit about your Deb?t Album ?

TAO (Flemming): It was created with producer Jacob Hansen and has 9 songs + and intro. The 3 songs from our promo are featured as well but in rerecorded versions of course. The album is our debut album so we are very much looking forward to hearing what people think about it.

NC: Your Songwriting is realy creative and tricky. How grows the songs, how do you get all that ideas ?

TAO (Flemming): I write all the songs at home and record them on the computer. Then we work on the songs in the band and every one contributes with their ideas to make the songs as good as possible. In the studio we add all the keyboard and samples stuff and I think these elements really help to create the vision of creative and tricky songwriting.

NC: You play on a high technical level ! How important is it for you to keep the Songs on this level and give all your knowhow to it ?

TAO (Flemming): I don?t know if it?s important to us it keep it on that level. I guess it?s a bit natural for us since we all are quite experienced musicians. They main priority for us is to write songs with a lot of drive and songs that just sound great. Making them technical and tricky comes in second.

NC: How ist it to release on a big label like Metal Blade Records. How do you get the Deal ..... ?

TAO (Flemming): It?s just great! Metal Blade has been treating us so well until now and they do a lot of promotion for us. So far we have nothing but good things to say about them. Metal Blade contacted us because they heard our promo 2005 and they wanted to sign us immediately.

NC: Last question.... Whats happen with a european tour where we can see you live in action ?

TAO (Flemming): We are not sure yet? hopefully we?ll be able to tour at the end of 2006/beginning of 2007, but we don?t know that much yet.

NC: Thank you very much for the interview. Do you have some last words to our readers ?

TAO (Flemming): Thanks for the interview and I really hope people will check out The Machinery of Oblivion. It deserves a spin our two in your cd player.

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