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Oct 05

The Absence

Melodic... Trash... Metal...
ENGuest: Peter

NC: As first, give us a short overview about "The Absence"

The Absence (Peter): we started roughly, four years ago, went through some members untile We got to who You see today. With this line-up (running on two years now), we wrote all new songs, and recorded a three song demo at Morrisound Studios, played a bunch of awesome shows, and a few bad ones, got the call, and did the album. That brings Us to where We are now.

NC: Tell us a litte bit about your sound, give us a short preview.

The Absence (Peter): Melodic Trash Metal !!!

NC: Whats your roots, what kind of music and which bands influenced "The
Absence" the most ?

The Absence (Peter): Edge of Sanity, Amon Amarth, Carcass, old Metallica, Testament, Kraetor, Destruction, old Soilwork, Death, Deicide, Cannibal, Iron Maiden, Dokken, Yngwie, ect...all kinds of stuff!

NC: The new album "From Your Grave" is out now. It is your deb?t album on Metal Blade, how as it came to it ?

The Absence (Peter): We had a feww people in Our corner I guess, haha. Metal Blade got wind of Us through various people in the industry, until finally, the received a copy of our demo. The rest in history I suppose.

NC: Lets talk a litte bit about the new album, how sounds the new release, give us a taste ?

The Absence (Peter): The best way to describe it... a fresh take on a classic idea. You will have to hear it for Yourself!

NC: How is the reaction about the new release "From Your Grave" ?

The Absence (Peter): Absolutely fantastic! The record has been getting great reviews, and there have been nothing but smiling faces, rolling heads, and pumping fists for the songs live!

NC: The Absence like details into the songs, how important is it for you that the songs have to grow to get the right feeling and right sound ?

The Absence (Peter): Very important. The initial idea of a song, can sometimes grow to be very,very different, by the time the song is done. That's the awesome part about writing songs; You may see something You didn't for a lead or solo..a drum beat You hadn't tried, a vocal pattern that jumps out from behind the guitar melody. It's an exciting process.

NC: What is coming in the next, when plays "The Absence" in germany or europe

The Absence (Peter): Soon! Very soon!

NC: So thats it, dou you have some lasst words to the people out there ?

The Absence (Peter): Thank You very much for the interview! Check us out at,, or !!!! Cheers!

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Magazine established by Pierre Brost in 2003 with Michael Hohmann
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