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Jun 06


Drawing Circles
ENGuest: Eric

NC: Hello, give us some information about the band Textures ?

Textures (Eric): Hi there! Textures was founded in 2001 by Stef and Jochem. At first they wanted to play some Dream Theater kind of metal but they soon found out that the songs that were created had something special to them. So they asked some good friends to join them, and Textures was born. We play a mixture of technical crazy metal, fusion and melodic stuff, we like to explore the boundaries of extreme music. We were all influenced by thousands of bands, from pop to rock to grindcore to rap to classical, and we implement and use these influences everywhere in our own music.

NC: Tell us about your music, whats kind of music play Textures ?

Textures (Eric): I will try and go something deeper. We are influenced by a large number of bands, of which I can pinpoint some important ones per band member. Stef listens to U2 a lot, Richard to Yes and Rush. Jochem is a big Debussy and AC/DC fan and Dennis listens to a lot of grunge and punk. I listen to a lot of extreme metal like Dillinger and The Red Chord, but also great rock bands like Soundgarden. Of course we all listen to each other's collection and we try to be as broad as possible. All these bands give each individual member a library of influences to work with, but we try and distill something out of that that is really our own. So, a pinch of extreme metal, some rock, some fusion and a tad of ambient, and you have the Textures sound.

NC: Whats the musical roots and wich bands are the most influences ?

Textures (Eric): I think our roots lay primarily in metal though, since we also are mainly a metal band. But we try to expand our horizon as much as possible. The biggest influences for Textures, well that's really hard for us to say. All bands I named before share their influences.

NC: What means the Band name "Textures "?

Textures (Eric): The band name reflects the fact that we build up our music in layers. We see our songs as a painting, which you first sketch, then you fill it in with all kinds of small layers of colors to shape your entire work. It's the same with our music, layers of drums, guitars, synths, samples and vocals...lot's of them! Basically it's a description of how our music sounds in our (and hopefully your) ears.

NC: The new Album "Drawing Circles." is out now on Listenable Records / Soulfood records, tell us a litte bit about the new Records ?

Textures (Eric): We see this album as a logical followup to Polars. We just emphasized more on songwriting and the coherency of the album as a whole. See it as a journey, although that sounds so corny haha! If you're in for a rollercoaster ride of emotions, we like to switch from REALLY heavy stuff to soothing melodies and back, you should try it out.

NC: How is the feedback about your album and the songs ?

Textures (Eric): It has been amazing! We didn't expect anything when we released the album, so we were really surprised to see that it was picked up so positively! The album sounds a fair bit different then Polars and therefor we were eager to get some critics. We're really happy with the reactions we got. Couldn't almost be better

NC: Tell us a litte bit about the lyrics on the songs ?

Textures (Eric): The theme of the album is patterns. Patterns in life, philosophy, nature, on a macro and micro level. Everywhere around us are patterns to discover. You can zoom in and try to recognize those patterns and work with them, it can make you stronger and wiser in life. For example, you're in a really negative downward spiral personally. You might wake up one day, see the pattern you're lost in, and break it. This way you can escape it, but not before you recognise it for what it is. All the songs on the album are based on this general theme, but all on another level. But in the end, they all come together, just like a circle.

NC: How was the Songwriting for the album ?

Textures (Eric): It was a natural process. We just went with the flow, we were all very inspired after Polars and really eager to explore some more musical ideas and inputs. We are alway very hyped up when we write music and try to inspire each other. That's how we work and it works great!

NC: How comes the ideas and the creative for the Songs ?

Textures (Eric): We sit down as a group and start spilling ideas, pieces of lyrics on paper, guitar and drum riffs, or even vocal parts. The we start eliminating the weaker ideas, so the great ideas remain. Then we will start to assemble the songs from all these tiny bits, like a puzzle. And so the album comes to existence, gradually. We're very inspired by the music we listen to, but also by great movies, books or nature. We also inspire each other a lot by hyping each other up, with fights, loads of Red Bull or good discussions haha.

NC: Whats happen with Touring ?

Textures (Eric): We're planning some great tours at the moment, for example the first big one in the UK, with epic rockers Twin Zero. Some more tours will follow later this year, I can't give too many details but we will also come to Germany! Of course we will play as many shows as we can, so we hope to see you soon...somewhere.

NC: Thanks for the interview, do you want to leave some words to our readers ?

Textures (Eric): Thanks for reading this, thanks for the support and check us out! Thank you, New-Core, for this interview and keep on supporting the (underground) scene! Respect and auf wieder sehen!

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