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Jun 06

Sworn Enemy

The beginning of the end
ENGuest: Sal

NC: Tell us a litte bit about the Band Sworn Enemy ?

Sworn Enemy (Sal): well we come from queens NY, we play underground music, and we are always on tour. we have a new record out on abacus recordings entitled "The Begining of the End" so make sure you pick that up.

NC: The new album "The beginning of the end" is out last month, Tell us a litte bit about the new record ?

Sworn Enemy (Sal): its a very hard .. in your face .. fast paced .. brutal record that we are all very proud of as a band to have made. if your into metal and hardcore then this is the record you wana go buy right now.

NC: How sounds the songs on "The beginning of the end", give us a short preview ?

Sworn Enemy (Sal): it sounds like us. when we wrote this record we wanted to make sure it had more elements of the music we loved as kids growing up and listening to but tried not to make a cheesey record in the same process. i think we acheived the goal we set forth for ourselves

NC: The new album was produced by Tim Lambesis an mastered by Zeus. Tell us a litte bit about her job ?

Sworn Enemy (Sal): well there isnt really much to tell tim produced so he basically told us his ideas and feelings on what he heard coming out of our instuments and we were open minded to his thoughts. any creative ideas that he had we tried out and if it worked we used it and if it didnt we wouldnt use it. thats the job of a producer keep ideas flowing. Zeus made the record even beafier with the help of tim and our record is the final product.

NC: How is the Feedback about the new record ?

Sworn Enemy (Sal): so far it has been nothing short of fantastic. all the reviews coming back have been positive and we are stoked about that.

NC: What kind of music Style is more present in Sworn Enemy Music. Modern Hardcore or Brutal Metal ?

Sworn Enemy (Sal): i think its just a mix of all styles of underground music together. if you listen closely you can hear some thrash influence and some hardcore influence some metal influence. we blended all styles into our own style to make it sound like sworn enemy.

NC: What kind of topics Sworn Enemy treated into thier lyrics ?

Sworn Enemy (Sal): i try to write about whatever is going on in my head at the moment, so if it be war then i write about it, if it is religion then i write about it, if it is personal experiences then i wrote about that and so on

NC: The new Album is released over Abacus and Century Media Records. How is it to release on a big Label ?

Sworn Enemy (Sal): we got lucky that the owner of Abacus is a follower of the band and when he found out that we were without a label he stepped up and wanted to sign us immediately so to us that made our job alot easier knowing that abacus wanted us.

NC: An European Tour is planed for the next... is it right ?

Sworn Enemy (Sal): yes we plan to hit up europe from aug 4th to sep 10th so be on the lookout for that

NC: Thank you very much for your time, we see us on tour. Do you have some last words to our readers ?

Sworn Enemy (Sal): go out nd pick up the record if you cant come see us play at a show and have a good time. Thanks for the interview, sal.

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