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Feb 11

Omnium Gatherum

New World Shadows - Interview
ENGuest: Jarmo (Drums)

Omnium Gatherum-New World Shadows Omnium Gatherum
New World Shadows
Label: Lifeforce Records
Release: 07.02.2011
Format: CD
Autor: NC-Head
Die finnischen Death Metaller von Omnium Gatherum sind zurück mit Ihrem 5. Album "New World Shadow" mit dem Sie zweifelsohne beweisen das Sie zu einer der aufstrebenden Melodic Death Metal Bands zählen. Schon mit ihren letzten beiden Alben "Stuck Here on Snake’s Way (2007)" und "The Redshift (2008)" haben Omnium Gatherum ganz klar Ihren Weg geebnet und sind in Finnland in die Top30 Album Charts eingestiegen. In der Szene haben sich die Finnen schon eine stetig steigende Fanbase aufgebaut und Ihr können Live unter Beweis gestellt in dem Sie mit Bands wie Insomnium, Dark Tranquility, Entombed und Swallow the Sun getourt sind. (Review weiter lesen)

(NC:Pierre) Hello, I am pleased to have you in the interview! Tell it to start first a bit about the band Omnium Gatherum!

(OmG Jarmo) OmG was formed back in 1996 by Markus Vanhala and some other former members, and there were lots of line-up changes and demo CDs made during 1996-2000 and eventually band got a record deal with Rage of achilles records in 2001. Our first mini-CD "Steal the light" and debut full length "Spirits and august light" were released by ROA. They got very very good feedback among the media and fans but with small label it was difficult to achieve wider attention. After some time, Nuclear Blast gave some interest about the band and "Years in waste" was released by them as also re-issue from the first ones. Time went by and two albums for Candlelight records were recorded ("Stuck here on Snakes WayÉ" and "The Redshift"). There's been lots of gigging and touring in Finland and Europe also during the last years also touring with big cool names, such as Dark Tranquillity, Nile, Caliban, Insomnium, Swallow The Sun have been our touring buddies. Now we've just released our fifth album "New World shadows" and are waiting for lots of touring in support of that. Yeah, thats about OG, it is all about making good music that we love and doing good shows for people!

(NC:Pierre) What are your musical influences and what music you hear otherwise an extent?

(OmG Jarmo) Musical influences are coming from the good music in general, whether it is metal, pop, rock, pro or even jazz, the style won't matter. Myself I listen lots of jazz oriented instrumental music and also old school rock, like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple etc. I rarely listen so much heavy or death metal nowadays. My play list consist now like Gavin Harrisons's solo albums, Journeys albums and some Pat Metheny albums. OG stuff is described as an "adult oriented death metal", that means it's a cross breed between death metal & progressive rock and stuff like that...

(NC:Pierre) Your fan base is growing, how do you explain the success of Omnium Gatherum?

(OmG Jarmo) I think it is the reason from hard and consistent work that's been going on for ages already. OmG has been around for sometime and I think fans are now noticing us because we are always pushing ourselves with every record we make. You can hear and see our pattern of development. The fan base for now is only the beginning of something bigger :)

(NC:Pierre) Your new album "New World Shadows" will be released on 07.02.2011, tell us a little bit about your new song?

(OmG Jarmo) "New Worlds Shadows" is the fifth full length album of OmG, and the "NWS" title song is the third song in the record featuring also Dan Swanš in the vocals in the title track and the "Deep Cold" track too. We also made a live video for that title track and the video was filmed by Jussi Rautaniemi. Lots of moshing and sweating! As for the new album, it is made during summer of 2010. We had two long band sessions in PyhtŠŠ Munapirtti with lots of fishing and big pikes. Yeah, and some rehearsing in between barbeque and sauna.

(NC:Pierre) The reviews for the new album have all been very good and you got high scores. What is the feedback from the rest of the press?

(OmG Jarmo) Yes indeed, it seems that OG have always had that good relationship with the press and critics. From SAAL album to NWS almost all reviews have been good or excellent. Now I can see even higher scores and reviews for the newest effort which is really rewarding. The feedback have been very good everywhere, it seems that fans are really digging the album and we're delivering the goods here!

(NC:Pierre) Omnium Gatherum are now on "Lifeforce Records" how it came to the deal ?

(OmG Jarmo) The two album deal for Candlelight records was fulfilled with "The Redshift" and the deal got finished that way. After that the Lifeforce was very interested and we thought to give it a try after discussing with bunch of potential label candidates. I think it is better to be a bigger name in a smaller label than small name in bigger label. Your stuff will be marketed and supported better that way and the communication works.

(NC:Pierre) What is your approach when writing new songs?

(OmG Jarmo) Markus has written all the songs in the NWS album, and Jukka has done all the lyrics and lyrical arrangements. Musical arranging is done together in the rehearsals. Of course everybody in the band focuses to practice the own instrument and does arrangements also that way. Most of the songs are ready from the beginning and Markus sends us the mp3 demoversions attached. Some songs need some further arranging and practicing so it depends a lot of the song how we approach them. The pre-production stage in the "NWS" album was far more professional than on the previous releases and it can be heard in the quality of course...

(NC:Pierre) You will play this year at the With Full Force festival. Are also other festivals like the Summer Breeze planned?

(OmG Jarmo) Beside With Full Force, there will be at least bigger festivals like Sauna open air and Tuska Open Air in Finland, and more stuff coming and in the works. There are some other options also coming but I cant say for sure now.

(NC:Pierre) What about a tour of the new album. Standing there already scheduled for Germany in the plan. And if so with which band you will be on tour?

(OmG Jarmo) There will be an European tour with Rotting Christ starting from end of April til the middle of May and after that there'll be another smaller tour coming for Germany/Austria/UK/Benelux for the end of May. Also some autumn touring plans are landing to the surface, but we will see what happens.

(NC:Pierre) If your the possibility of a tour with 3 Finnish, Swedish or Norwegian bands would play, what would they be?

(OmG Jarmo) We are good buddies with Insomnium, Dark Tranquillity and Swallow the sun. Éso my pick is to them :)

(NC:Pierre) Will you still say something to our readers and your fans?

(OmG Jarmo) Keep on buying the new album "NWS" and support us, so you can have us to play in your home town!!!!

(NC:Pierre) Thank you very much for the interview, i wish you the best and hope to see you soon in Germany on tour.

Cheers Pierre
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