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Jan 06

Nodes of Ranvier

The Years To Come - Interview
ENGuest: Nick

NC: Hello, give us some information about the band Nodes of Ranvier?

NOR (Nick): We are a five piece melodic metal outfit hailing Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We have been a band for going on six years, and we show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. We are just five guys who love playing music, traveling, making new friends and meeting amazing people.

Tell us about your music, what kind of music does Nodes of Ranvier play ?

NOR (Nick):
We are definitely a metal band.. but I would stop there. We draw our influences from everything around us. That?s one thing we take pride in is when someone comes up and tells us that they appreciate the difference in our sound, compared to the rest. We don?t necessarily strive to be different, we just write what we want, and its great that our fans can appreciate that.

NC: What are your musical roots and which bands influence you most?

NOR (Nick):
We listen to everything, and when I say "everything" I mean "everything. To pinpoint an direct influence would be tough.. We listen to it all from Country to Hip Hop to Grind, you name it, we play it in our van. With the exception of R&B , that tends to get me wanting to jump into moving traffic. There is just something about it. haha!

NC: What means the Band name "Nodes of Ranvier "?

NOR (Nick): Its an anatomical term that by definition means: A constriction in the myelin sheath, occurring at varying intervals along the length of a nerve fiber. It?s pronounced Ran-VEE- YAY

NC: The new Album "The YearsTo Come" is out now on Facedown records, tell us?a little bit about the new Records ?

NOR (Nick):
We really tried to make music that we wanted to hear and we thought would be a good time to hear. I feel there is a little something for everyone on this record, no matter what type of music you prefer or appreciate, I think there is something there if you take to the time to look into it.

NC: How is the feedback about your album and the songs ?

NOR (Nick):
Nothing but good things thus far..I think kids are just really starting to get into it, and hopefully that creates a snowballing effect which tends to be the trend with newer releases. We love playing this material and can?t wait to write more with this lineup.

Tell us a little bit about the lyrics on the songs?

NOR (Nick): Every song has a different feel and concept. It?s more about day to day personal things that one goes through and overcoming them. Maintaining hope in our lives and most of all the people we surround ourselves with and those that try to bring us down.

How was the songwriting for the album?

NOR (Nick): It went well, we all worked very hard at our day jobs and then came together whenever we could to write and we couldn?t be happier with it.

NC: How comes the ideas and the creative for the Songs ?

NOR (Nick): We as a band try to all bring something to the table and the result is what you hear on the "The Years to Come"?

NC: 10. When is a European Tour planed ?

NOR (Nick): Hopefully very very soon.

NC: Thanks for the interview, do you want to say some words to our readers ?

NOR (Nick): We appreciate whole heartedly anyone that has supported us or?can appreciate the music we make. We simply cannot wait to make it over there and rock out with all of you and meet some of you folks that email us and tell us good things. We love you and we will see you soon.

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