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May 05


Stay Metal
ENGuest: Marios

NC Head: Tell us a little bit about the band ?

Nightrage (Marios) Hi there my name is Marios Iliopoulos the guitarist/composer of Nightrage, the band was formed in Thessaloniki/Greece at the summer of 2000 by me and Gus g and it was after my old band Exhumation split-up and I felt that I needed to start something new and more powerful, Gus helped me with the band and together we wrote the first demo that contained 4 songs. But in order to find good musicians and work in a better environment I decided to move permanently in Sweden at the end of 2000, and it was there that I got in contact with Fredrik Nordstr?m from Studio Fredman, whom I knew from 2 recordings with my previous band Exhumation, he liked the songs we had and he help me to record the first album "Sweet Vengeance" that finally leaded to interest from Century media signing the band. Also at the same time I got in contact with Tomas Lindberg and he liked our music and the spirit we had a lot, and after listened to some tracks while we were recording Sweet Vengeance, he wanted to be the singer of Nightrage. On the new album I had the pleasure to finalize a stable rhythm section/line-up, Fotis Benardo-Drums, and Henric Carlsson-bass, that along with me, Gus, and Tomas, made the band now stronger than ever before. The new guys are really good and dedicated musicians and they gave a lot in the band's vision, we have also great chemistry working together, and I was amazed by the talent and dedication that they showed towards the band and our future.

NC Head: What's the musical influences ?

Nightrage (Marios) I'm influenced from the 80`s metal bands like Maiden and Metallica, also our influences are quite varied and we get together different styles and genres of metal music. I get a lot my inspiration from older bands that were the originators of what we called today metal music, also I like a lot bands like Thin Lizzy and classic metal, bay area thrash metal, and some death metal. I think also that my collaboration with the Greek scene for ten years with my old band Exhumation make things even more original for the NR sound and our influences are overall very fresh and we are trying to boost them up with anything that sounds good to our ears. I think that the fact that I'm playing with Gus G is also another factor that helping us to sound more original, he has some very cool song writing skills and he is coming from the heavy metal style, we are totally different guitar players but our styles are fitting perfectly in The NR sound, and that gives us more ways to explore our creativity.

NC Head: What is Nightrage's definition of Gothenburg-Metal ?

Nightrage (Marios) Really heavy guitars, majestic melodies, smooth leads, screamy vocals, pounding drums, 80`s metal atmosphere and killer songs.

NC Head: Tell us something about the latest album "Descent into chaos" ?

Nightrage (Marios) I can tell you that I feel really excited with our new album, it has all the right elements that characterized the band plus more mature song-writing and more powerful sound. We really worked hard until we were happy with the outcome, we didn't want to loose the heaviness and brutality of the first album, and we wanted to follow much heavier and less complex song writing/arranging. This simplistic approach finally worked really well and benefited the whole album. Also the fact that we have more time to work the songs as a band, gave us more confidence in the actual album recordings, plus the fact that we worked with Patrik J. Sten as our producer and he did everything this time producing/mixing/editing the album. He really succeeded to do an awesome job, since he is more into this Pantera/Machine Head dry/upfront drum/in your face guitar sound, without using so many effects in the final mix

NC Head: Lets talk about the lyrics, tell us a little bit about it ?!

Nightrage (Marios) This time the lyrical concept is more diverse, and it varies from song to song, it has to do with the fact that we as human beings we are our worst enemy, we are leading to our own chaos, we have to try to make the this world better and we have to treat each other with more respect. Also I'm dealing with the fact of how you feel at a certain point in your life when you have the ability to achieve your goals with dignity and honesty, how you feel when you have treated badly, how you react, and how it is to feel that you are a winner after a lot of hardship. It is a small journey at the catharsis and in a psychology of a man that his ideas and his vision once fallen down and arise through pain and great spirit.

NC Head: How was the reaction about your new Album ?

Nightrage (Marios) I feel very satisfied with our new album and the songs we have composed this time, I think that we succeeded to keep the level of quality we had on the first album "Sweet vengeance" and we kept all the heaviness and melodic sides of Nightrage, spice it up with more mature song writing and a better sound. The reactions so far are amazing the fans and the media seemed to like it a lot and they appreciate the pure spirit of our music. We didn't soften the sound of the band or tried to change our song structures, we just did what feels good to us playing that music with passion and honesty.

NC Head: Did any of the members have a side project or other band ?

Nightrage (Marios) Tomas he is playing also with The Great Deceiver and Disfear, Gus has also Firewind, Henric he is with Cipher system and Fotis he is playing with The devilworx.

NC Head: When is a tour planed ?

Nightrage (Marios) We are planning now to do our first European tour at September and also we have some interest to play at some summer European festivals, we would like to play everywhere that we have interest from the fans. It would be awesome to have that chance it depends if we got offers from the promoters. We are getting as well a lot of interest to play at USA and Canada and we get a lot of e-mails from there. Soon more news about our future live gigs will revealed on our official web-site so stay tuned.

NC Head: Some Last words to the people.

Nightrage (Marios) A big hello to all our fans out there hope to see you soon in our live shows, thanx a lot for this interview and the support in Nightrage. Stay metal......Marios.

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