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Jun 06


NFD comprise Tony Pettitt, the Fields Of The Nephilim founder-bassist
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NC: Hello, tell us first a litte bit about the Band "NFD" ?

NFD: NFD comprise Tony Pettitt, the Fields Of The Nephilim founder-bassist, who teamed up with vocalist/guitarist Peter ?Bob? White and drummer Simon Rippin when the Nephilim reunion floundered in 2002. Simon was previously in both The Nefilim and Fields of the Nephilim line-ups, as well as together with Bob in Sensorium. For live gigs they bring in two extra guitarists, Chris Milden and Steve Carey.

Their Nephilim roots have given the band immediate attention from that band?s still devoted following, but press reviews surpassed any casual goodwill.

NFD have performed at numerous festivals, both in the UK (Whitby headline, Dark City, Witchfest) and Germany (Mera Luna, Zillo, Wave-Gotik Treffen, Burgnachte, Herbsnachte) and toured UK & Europe on their own and with Mortiis, Umbro Et Imago & The Mission.

NC: What meant the name NFD is there are deeper background on it ?

NFD: No comment!

NC: Give us a short taste, how sounds NFD ?

NFD: The NFD sound is born of many different influences. We have actively introduced element of rock and metal to the base Goth sound. Also there are sometimes electro elements (although this isn?t a big feature of the sound), and Pink Floyd style elements. The songs tend to range from big dusty dark Gothrock epics to shorter, punchier tracks. Of course there is a bit influence from every ones previous bands.

NC: Which bands have influenced NFD the most? and what are your all time favs.

NFD: For myself the biggest influences have been bands like Iron Maiden, The Sisters of Mercy and all the main 80?s goth bands. Also more recent stuff like NIN, Minstry & Rob Zombie. There are far to many to mention.

NC: The new album "Dead Pool Rising" will be released very soon, tell us a litte bit about the new record ?

NFD: We have taken a different approach to this album. It?s all been done a lot quicker than last time. The whole album was written in 8 weeks and taken almost immediately into the studio! A lot of the lyrics deal with life problems, situations that can drag you under if you don?t get a clear view on them and fight your way out. That?s the Dead pool, a sea of mind-bending emotions. A dead weight round you neck! People just seem to keep adding to it unless you just shut yourself off from it all. Doing that leads to having a very narrow view on life, so you just have to dive in and rise above the wave. The more you fight your way up the deeper it all gets until you can?t see the bottom anymore. It?s a well of emotion! Does that help to explain it??? I?m not sure?Make of it what you will!!!!!

NC: Do yoou get some first feedback about the songs ?

NFD: We have had Great feedback from magazines for the new album, there are of course some people that hate it or have some bias against the band but that?s to be expected. The single seems to have gone down pretty well so far and we have had plenty of radio play as well as the promo video being played on MTV2 and Scuzz across Europe.

NC: Whats happen with an European Tour, what is planed for the next. We will be doing a few dates in Europe in September, and some dates in South America in October/November. We are just Organizing a more extensive tour for February. Watch the website for more info!!!

NC: Thank you very much for your Time.

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