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Aug 10


Preaching Venom Interview
ENGuest: Rami and Barney

NC: Hello, Nervecell is currently an exothic in your country! It tells a little about the band and how it comes to such music to play, which is in your country but rather the exception?
Rami: Thanks for having us! We grew up listening to metal at an early age and we perform metal music regardless of its unpopularity where we live. We just wanted to have a good time playing the music we like.

NC: How has Nervecell found as a band? Or, you know you have been out of the sandbox and simply went musically the same way?
Barney: We formed because we met each other at local gigs and hang outs in Dubai. So since we were all into the same style of music we eventually got together and the band was formed. We went through a lot of line up changes in the earlier days but after 2003 we had the right members in the band who had the same vision and taste for writing death / thrash metal and that’s how it happened.

NC: What are your musical influences and how it came about, it's in the United Arab Emirates, but something definitely harder, right?
Rami: Death metal and thrash metal. Some of us like other sorts such as progressive metal, hardcore etc. Nervecell’s sound is heavily influenced by the same sort of bands which influenced us as Testament, Death, Bolt Thrower, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, At The Gates, Sepultura (old), Pantera, Slayer etc. It’s defiantly harder to find metal musicians/fans in the UAE simply because this sort of music wasn’t really available in the market, like CDs and merch, so not a lot of people grew up having it available. We did because we discovered metal at an early age and at that time we bought our favorite tapes and CDs from friends/family who lived abroad or when we travel ourselves! For the most recent 5 years record stores in the UAE and Middle East in general started to get more metal CDs so I guess things are becoming way better for the new generation haha!

NC: It tells us something about your music. How would you describe your sound?
Barney: I would say its death metal with some thrash metal influence; you can find some brutal elements as well as melodic parts in our music too. We always try to maintain our own sound and not dwell into other genres just for the sake of keeping up with the trends.

NC: You have your demo released in 2000 and two years later a debut EP which you did quite well known! Tell us a little about this development?
Rami: We played lots of local shows in Dubai at the beginning so there was a huge demand for our music to be recorded, as many fans wanted to own our music physically! So we just recorded a 2-track demo called “Vastlands of Abomination” ourselves and we sold it at local shows. A year later we re-recorded the same 2 tracks in addition to 3 more songs, totaling to 5 entitled “Human Chaos” and released it independently. We pushed “Human Chaos” by sending out to international webzines, magazines, radio-stations, for features and reviews and we received lots of positive feedback! From there we just took things step by step and started touring and playing gigs abroad. It’s great fun as we experience all our accomplishments and learn from our experiences.

NC: Then you have your 2009 debut album "Preaching Venom" published. Tell us what the current album and feedback?
Rami: After immense touring in 2009 we were searching for a label to release “Preaching Venom” in Europe, so we were glad to have Lifeforce Records interested in us. We signed “Preaching Venom” in addition to our previous EP “Human Chaos” and released both in one record in Europe October 26th 2009. The CD came out after our European Festival tour last year, playing a chain of huge festivals like Wacken Open Air, Rock am Ring/Rock im Park, With Full Force Festival and many more. Feedback was simply great!

NC: Which themes are affecting your lyrics and the local, political and social aspects your lyrics?
Rami: Mostly issues related to humanity and society in general. Miseries, hate and humanitarian issues. Nothing political. Just based on personal experiences and what goes around us in the world today.

NC: How did it happen that you get on Lifeforce Records have your first deal?
Rami: We were looking to secure a label for “Preaching Venom” and we received great interest from Lifeforce Records. We met the Lifeforce team during our performance at With Full Force festival 2009 in Germany and things just went from there. We are happy to be the first band from the Middle East region to sign with an international label!

NC: You are already writing new songs? And when can we expect another album?
Barney: We are in the writing process at the moment so by the time we hit the studio and complete the whole recording process the new album should be out sometime early next year.

NC: The Death & Trash Metal scene in Dubai is still very young and just started. Since your probably one of the first bands that has come out more! As the scene is currently in Dubai and how it could be you the development presented in the next few years?
Rami: Indeed Nervecell is one of the first names in the UAE metal scene in specific and music scene in general. There were very few extreme metal bands at the time we started and majority of those bands are either inactive or disbanded unfortunately. We kept it together as a band and I guess we helped a lot in keeping the metal flowing in Dubai. The metal scene in the UAE / Middle East compared to Europe or America is pretty young but growing with potential. There are lots of death and thrash metal fans in the Middle East that’s for sure!

NC: In Dubai, even more of a rarity metal on the streets! What are your experiences with the people there?
Barney: Nothing too crazy to be honest! We just get looked at a lot more that the other people around us…haha. Most of the time they just wonder what it is we do for a living, cause most of the people here are high class and ignorant. When they look at us they wonder what we are all about, although I’m sure we are just as educated or probably even more educated then most of them are!

NC: I can imagine that the shows investment outside of the United Arab Emirates greatly to the shows in your home. How are the shows, the venues and the audience you in Dubai?
Barney: Great! I mean over the years it has been getting better and better, although we play very rarely here in Dubai ourselves it is still improving for the local scene. Today there are more venues who allow bands to play live and the fan base for this kind of music is on the rise too! The audience is very accepting since for many years we have been deprived of metal music and then suddenly we have everything from CD’s to t-shirts available an even international bands such as Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Sepultura, Machine Head, Testament, Opeth and Megadeth playing here which was all a great boost for metal heads in the Middle East!

NC: You play outside your home, most shows. If your soon time to Germany on tour? What to look so in the near future?
Barney: Well we are in talks with a couple of booking agencies in Europe and Germany has always been a hot spot for us when we play outside Dubai. Actually some of the best shows we’ve had were in Germany, it’s the place we played the most outside of Dubai so it’s great. We have had the opportunity last year to play some great German festivals like Rock AM Ring, With Full Force and Wacken Open Air along with many other smaller festivals like Way of Darkness and smaller club shows so we can say it’s almost like our second home.
The fan base there is awesome so we are always ready to come back and play to the German audiences again and again!

NC: Thank you for the interview! Will you still be something to the crowd on out there?
Rami: Thanks for having us and for your support! Hope to see you again in the near future!


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