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Aug 11


The Psychogenocide Interview
ENGuest: Rami und Barney

1 - Hello, I am pleased to have you back in an interview. What happened to you since our last interview and the publication of your debut album "Preaching Venom"?
Rami: Great to be back thanks! Since the last time we spoke we were actually in the middle of writing the new album "Psychogenocide". Touring-wise we did a headlining tour in India Sep/Oct. 2010 during the writing process which was such a great fun tour! We also did some off shows during the recording period at the end of 2010 / beginning of 2011 in Bahrain and Dubai. After completing the album recording we did 2 album launch shows in Dubai for "Psychogenocide" in March, we also filmed the video for the song "Shunq (To The Despaired…King Of Darkness) in the UAE which will be out soon. Right after the release of "Psychogenocide" we went on an Asian tour in support of the new album in the Philippines, which was the first time for us there, we also played festivals and headlining shows in India and Sri Lanka which was really great returning back to these 2 countries. That was a pretty busy time period for the band and everything went great so far!

2 - With your debut album "Preaching Venom" You've taken care to properly look up and you earned a growing fan base. Now since your with your new album "Psychogenocide" at the start! How do you get in your home country, the United Arab Emirates?
Barney: The response has been so great back here at home, we did a special album launch for the U.A.E. fans where we played the new songs live for the first time and the album was made available to the fans here first in the world at that gig, so it was a very special show for us to launch the album. We had a competition with Metal Hammer where 2 fans from Germany and the UK were even flown down for the gig and Karl Sanders was amongst the many who were invited as well! The album has been doing really well and we have seen so many killer reviews from the media, I guess its fair to say that we have our done ourselves on this record and the fans are certainly pleased with the results.

3 - Your new album "Psychogenocide" was published in May 2011 via Lifeforce Records. Tells us a little about the new songs, as you sound.
Rami: "Psychogenocide" includes more technical songs, overall heavier, faster and more thrash-oriented songs to sum it up. The melodic elements are merged together with the overall brutality of the riffs and the melody stands mostly in the guitar lead work. There is a darker vibe within the songs and we felt it was coming in naturally during the writing process. For the first time we added some Middle Eastern instruments in a couple of songs – the first song "Anemic Assurgency", we used the "Oud", which is an acoustic-fretless Middle Eastern instrument equivalent to the guitar – but of course sounds different – it was played in this track, pretty much adding a very haunting and dark vibe to open up the album with. We also added Arabian-Gulf style percussions in the instrumental track "The Taste Of Betrayal", just for a minute or so, and sounded really cool! We didn't really over do it with the new instruments as we wanted to give a little "taste" of it nothing more. In the song "Shunq (To The Despaired…King Of Darkness) we used Arabic and English singing which was first of its kind really, featuring Karl Sanders who did the English parts and James (our vocalist/bassist) sang the Arabic parts. The songs "Psychogenocide", "Upon An Epidemic Scheme" and "Driven By Nescience" are the most technical songs, whereas in the songs "Amok Doctrine", "All Eyes On Them" and "Nation's Plague" are the most catchy!

4 - How would you develop your songs from "Preaching Venom" to describe current album "Psychogenocide"?
Rami: We wanted to keep the same style really, so we developed the songs using guitar-driven riffs making them more thrashy, faster and technical at some points, yet catchy. We also kept in mind having the live feel in the songs. We used these techniques and naturally worked our way forward with the rest of the instruments, like the drum patterns, bass guitar work etc. We felt that we matured as musicians within the years, which reflected in this album for sure!

5 - For the song "Shunq (ToThe despaired - King Of Darkness)" Were you able to "Karl Sanders" from "Nile" win for you.
Barney: Karl was the perfect guy for the job, when we decided that we were going to do the song with both English and Arabic lyrics it was a quick decision we made. We are all Nile fans and so we though it would be worth reaching out to Karl and see if he would agree to be pat of our music and add his touch and style on the song and it worked out so perfect at the end.

6 - How did this happen and how come you did your mixed the lyrics in Arabic and English?
Barney: The idea to have a mix of English and Arabic lyrics was something our singer James came up with, he felt the message is so b in the song that it would be looked upon with even more interest if sung in Arabic. It was something he wanted to do for a while and it felt right to try it out with this particular song. Even Karl himself found it scary when he heard the Arabic lyrics…haha, it does sound very dark and serious and we are glad it worked out the way it has. Karl wrote back to us saying he was excited and couldn't wait to come meet us in Dubai shortly after, we even shot a music video for the song, which will soon be out!

7 - What kind of themes are your lyrics?
Barney: On "Psychogenocide" in particular we were focusing more on themes such as corruption, world government controversies and social unrest.

8 - Where You recorded the new album and how are your working on the songs, songwriting, riffs?
Rami: We recorded the album in Dubai, Qatar and Australia. The drums were recorded in Australia by Dave Haley (Psycroptic) at Red Planet Studios. Then we recorded the rest of the instruments in Dubai at Spellbind Studio and in Qatar. The production and engineering was handled by me, while the mixing and mastering was done in Poland by the Wieslawscy Bros at Hertz Studios. Barney and I write all the music so we pretty much worked the same way as we always do – writing the guitar riffs to start with and work around them onto creating songs. The songs are 99% guitar-driven and that is what we've been doing with every album really, and we feel comfortable doing so. We individually wrote our parts, sat down together and worked around them to form each song. We did a full pre-production for the album and that helped us listen to the songs, go back and forth with ideas and so on.

9 - Who does the cover artwork for you and how you get the ideas for the artwork?
Barney: The artwork was done by Bjoern of Killustrations, he has a lot of great other album covers that he did which got our attention and we liked his work a lot. So we contacted him and explained to him the theme of the album and sent him a few lyrics to give him an understanding of what we wanted. We were in talks with him for about 3 months before we finally got down to the final album cover. It was a little difficult working and trying to get ideas across through the Internet but Bjoern was very professional and handled the job very well!

10 - What the international press is saying about your new album "Psychogenocide" and how is the feedback at your shows?
Barney: The international press have accepted "Psychogenocide" very well indeed. We were very happy to see that most of feedback states that the band is gone in the right direction and have clearly referenced the improvement in our song writing and the production as well. We always write our music with confidence and believe bly in what we do so it was just very refreshing to see that other credible reviews from the press came back saying exactly how we felt when we put the album out! So far we've only played a few concerts in the Middle East and in our last Asian Tour 2 months ago and the shows went awesome, the new songs seem to be very promising live and we just cannot wait to get out to Europe next where I know there are a lot of our fans eager to hear and see us play the new songs live.

11 - "Psychogenocide" is your second album which was released on Lifeforce Records, You feel good at Lifeforce Records?
Barney: We know that they believe in our music and therefore they support us as much as they possibly can. The Lifeforce team are a great bunch of humble people and we trust them enough to be our label. Euorpe is a very important market for Nervecell and we are glad to have a label be behind us in these difficult and changing times in the music industry.

12 - You've played this year at some festivals, like since you have been received by the audience and do you like it to you to play here in Europe?
Rami: We've performed a couple of months ago at the Pulp Summer Slam Festival 2011 in the Philippines with Anthrax, Death Angel, Hellyeah and more for a massive crowd of 30,000 people which was awesome! We also co-headlined a festival in India called Deccan Rock festival with Decapitated and other bands, both shows part of our last Asian tour. We love playing festivals in Europe and everywhere else around the world. We became pretty used to festivals since our first major festival performance in Dubai at the Desert Rock Festival 2005 and later on performing many festivals in Europe as Wacken Open Air, With Full Force Festival, Rock am Ring, Rock im Park, Metalcamp Festival etc. The audience in Europe has been always great and supportive.

13 - This year you will also play in Germany at the Summer Breeze Festival! Is this your first festival that you play in Germany, and where you will play this year yet?
Barney: So far we are scheduled to perform at Brutal Assault in the Czech Republic and Summer Breeze and Rock Im Betonwerk in Germany as well. It is our first time at Summer Breeze but definitely not our first time playing a festival in Germany. Germany is like our second home when it comes to playing live, we love it and have such a good experience every time we visit there. Our first ever German festival that we played was actually Rock Am Ring! I will never forget that because it was soo huge and we were the only death metal band on that bill back in 2009

14 - Do you play a tour with the new album here in Germany and Europe?
Rami: The upcoming festivals in Europe this August at Brutal Assault, Summer Breeze and Rock im Betwonwerk will the first run for us in Europe since the release of "Psychogenocide". Our management and booking agent are working on a headlining Nervecell European tour hopefully to be held before the end of the year and we will surely be playing Germany and other European countries which we are very looking forward for.

15 - Will you still be something to say to our readers and your fans?
Rami: Thanks to all the readers for their time, and thanks to our fans in Germany and across Europe for their ongoing support. Watch out for Nervecell at the upcoming festivals this summer in August and we will also be back for more shows in our upcoming European tours to support our new album. Do check out the new album "Psychogenocide" which is now out on Lifeforce Records all across Europe.

16 - Looking forward to seeing you at Summer Breeze and to see you live, thanks for the interview and good luck with Nervecell!
Barney: Thanks Pierre for your time and yes you will definitely see us out there in Summer Breeze, we will be playing the main stage on the 19th of August, it will be an early slot but that means we will have the entire night to party after…PROST!

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