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Jun 10


Live in Stuttgart
ENGuest: Pablo, Miguel, Rob - Interview (Pierre&Simone) mit NahemaH (Pablo - Gesang, Miguel - Gitarre, Rob - Gitarre)
Datum: 22.05.2010 @ Stuttgart - Haus 11

1. How is it happened to you since our last interview in may last year! What's going at NahemaH?

2.You have already played shows in europe! Is it the first time in Germany?

3. Pablo: Your favourite Country is Netherlands! What makes Netherlands, that it is your favorite ?

4. Pablo: You told us what the name "NahemaH" mean to you! You are friends of the old mythology and have you named after the "dark goddess of beauty." How did it happen that you have decided you just for that name from the Babylonian mythology?

5. Pablo: Your favourites include mostly "older" bands like "The Cure", "Depeche Mode", "Alice in Chains", "Stone Temple Pilots" and "At The Gates"! Which music era has your musical style influenced?

6. Miguel: You listen to very different music styles. Beside many guitar music from Rock, Stoner, Sludge, Jazz and Metal you listen also to experimental, atmospheric and electronic music like IDM, Electro, Drum'n'Bass and Minimal Techno! As it comes to the mix?

7. Your music has a lot of soul, feeling and depthness! How important are the atmospheric sounds of NahemaH?

8. Your current album "A New Constellation" was released last year in may, how is feedback from the press and the people ?

9. Pablo: Your lyrics to "A New Constellation" are based on a concept and are very spiritual. Tell us a little more about your lyrics and how did they write?

10. One of your songs is called Absynth! The idea came from you Pablo?

11. Your music includes many diffrent instruments. Borja Rubio played the Saxophone on 4 Tracks of "A New Constellation" ! As you set the order in live performance?... Restricts it to you in a free way of playing?

12. Pablo: You have described the cover times as avant-garde / Cubist with a symmetrical component. Are you interested in fine arts, or even a special artists from Cubism, Picasso and Braque?

13. The avant-garde is the "attempt to break out of art as art"! Might be the so-including those for NahemaH?

14. Nahema is much outside of spain on tour! Your music is valued more outside than in the progressive rock and metal scene in Spain?

15. If you could put together a tour with four bands of your choice. What would the lineup and why exactly these bands?

16. Since you already writing new songs back on! When can we expect a new NahemaH album ?

Thank you so much for the pleasant and detailed Interview!

25 minutes of detailed interview:

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NahemaH live in Stuttgart 22.05.2010
Alle Bilder in der Bildergalerie "NahemaH" 22.05.2010 Stuttgart - Haus 11 mit Insomnium & Ghost Brigade anschauen. Pictures by: © Simone (

Externe Video Quellen vom Abend in Stuttgart
NahemaH - The Perfect Depth Of The Mermaids live at Haus 11

NahemaH - Smoke's Men live at Haus 11

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