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May 09


A New Constellation Interview
ENGuest: Pablo

NC: Hello, nice to catch you for some questions. How's going, is anything fine ?

Nahemah Nahemah (Pablo): Hey, Here's everything fine. Is a great pleasure to answer this interview for "".

NC: As first, tell us a litte bit about the Band "Nahemah" ?

Nahemah (Pablo): The band name is derivetad from the old Sumerian and Babylon mythology. She was a succubus and the goddes of the dark beauty, she was also the sister of Lilith and both them two were called ?the babylon whores?. We have chosen it time ago because we have always been fans and readers of old myths.

NC: What does the Bandname "Nahemah" means ?

Nahemah (Pablo):
This name means to us the adjectives that always we have used to conceptualize our music. It means sensuality and passion as well, we conceive our music with sensuality and passion which gives to our art a classy touch.

NC: What kind of music has inspired and influenced you the most?

Nahemah (Pablo):
At te beginnings we were influenced by the melodic death metal and symphonic black, but later we made grow our range of influences and we added progressive music, post rock, post metal, electronic music and a little of stoner rock. We like the strange music and we look always for that kind of music.

NC: How do you discribe your uniqe Sound ?

Nahemah (Pablo): Well, I will use the words that uses our label Lifeforce Records in the promotionals. We play a music meticoulous crafted and utterly expansive, which combines the best cross sections of prog-rock and jazz infused art-metal with a healthy dose of doom oriented melancholy.
I think that words explain exaclty what we are playing now.

NC: How does your Songs occur ? Tell us a litte bit abour your Songwriting !

Nahemah2 Nahemah (Pablo): Always the songs are the answer to a need of expressing concrete feelings and we use the music as a vehicle to transmitt it.
The songwriting process starts with the guitar riffs and after guitar riffs we start asking to the song which elements it needs then the song itself tells us what needs. We stop adding elements when the song says to us: Stop, I?m completed! And the song is finished. Is an intuitive work that we mix with the creative work.

NC: The new Album "A New Constellation" is your 4th release ! How sound like the new Album, tell us about the new Songs and the Recordingprocess ?

Nahemah (Pablo): We wanted the new songs to sound more ethereal than in our previous releases, that?s the reason we have added more atmospheric elements. We did it because with atmospheric parts is more easy to express the abstract and inner feelings of the mind and the spirit. The recording process was not very different of the other ones but we returnend to recording at the ?Dark Mansion?. That place has always been the experiment laboratory of the music of NahemaH, since the beginning of the band.

NC: "A New Constellation" is your second release on Lifeforce records. Are you happy with Lifeforce ?

Nahemah (Pablo): Sure, we are very happy with them. They really know what they have to do and they are really good organizad. We signed with them a deal of three albums and after ?A New Constellation? we will have another one more album left with them. We hope to surprise them and to the audience with our music again, and again

NC: What happen with a european tour and some stops here in germany ? Whats planed for the next months ?

Nahemah (Pablo): Now we are planning a promotional tour by Europe, but it will start next autumn. Of course we are going to play to Germany. We are looking forward to visit you and play on your stages.

NC: Thank you for the interessting Interview, hope to see you soon !. Do you have some last words to our readers ?

Nahemah (Pablo): "A New Constellation" is an album composed with a high dose of fellings and passion. We hope to inspire and transmitt to the audience the deep feelings and emotions as it inspires to us.

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