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Dec 06


Antidote - Lowdown is coming your way
ENGuest: Kenneth (Guitar)

NC: As first, tell our readers about the Band Lowdown !?.

Lowdown (Kenneth): We are four metal loving dudes who absolutely love to play the music we play. We have played together for 5 years, and are now stronger than ever! Our new album ANTIDOTE is out now in Europe, and if you consider yourself a metalhead you ought to check it out.

NC: Whats your roots, your influence, what kind of bands the members like ?

Lowdown (Kenneth): Our influences is mainly metal. We?ve all listened to metal since we were kids, so there is no other option. I will say bands like Lamb of God, Pantera, Machine Head, Chimaira, Meshuggah, and Devildriver, they are our common influences. As far as each individual in the band, Stefan(drums) and Erik(bass) they listen to a lot of death metal bands like Vehemance, Blood red throne, Necrophagist, decapitated. Leo(vocals), his favorite bands are Pantera, Rage against the machine, and Korn. Me (guitars), my favorites right now are Lamb of god, Gojira, and Machine head. I?m also a sucker for Guns n roses, Motley crue and AC/DC. You gotta love the classics!

NC: Tell us a litte bit about your Sound ?

Lowdown (Kenneth): Our music hits you hard! It?s no compromise, ?in your fucking face? metal! The songs are filled with small details here and there to keep it interesting, so when you?ve heard our album ten times you will find new things each time. In my opinion this is what makes a good album. You don?t go bored after a little while. There are tons of riffs on our latest album ANTIDOTE, it?s quite technical, and it shows what we are capable of as musicians. If you like anything in any of the bands mentioned above, you will definetly like Lowdown!

NC: The new Album "Antidote" is out now. Tell us a litte bit about that crazyRelease !?

Lowdown (Kenneth): We recorded it at Space Valley Studios with Henning Ramseth (mastermind of the band Ram-zet) Mixing was done by Daniel Bergstrand (Meshuggah, In flames, etc). Each individual pushed himself over his limits this time, and it gave good results. And that is what it?s all about.?The music is hard, groovy, technical and precise, with a crisp and clear sound. There are a couple of beautiful, dark, atmospheric acoustic instrumentals there as well. It holds on to the listeners attention, and it?s metal as fuck!?

NC: How is the Feedback about the new Album "Antidote" ?

Lowdown (Kenneth): From fans the feedback has been overwhelming! We?ve also gained a lot of new fans with this record, because ?Antidote? is hard to categorise, and it cover many grounds in the genre of metal. Therefore it will also appeal to a larger number of people. From the press the response was just like we expected, some good and some bad. Mainly good though. But the thing is, no reviewer are objective in their opinions. If they don?t like the music then you?re fucked. In my opinion, if you don?t like the music, you have to be capable of judging it in a professional manner if your job is to review music. Some reviewers don?t even listen through the whole album. I can see that in the way they?ve written about it. But hey, that?s just the way it is. What?s more important to us is the feedback we get from people who are fans of the same bands that we are influenced by. When people come up to us and? say; ?I?m a huge fan of Pantera, Lamb of God, Chimaira, Machine head, etc. and you guys are up there with them?! That is a huge fucking honor for us to hear!

NC: How do Lowdown work on the Songs, tell us a litte bit about your songwriting process ?

Lowdown (Kenneth): It usually starts of with a riff, and it just builds from there. Sometimes we discuss what kind of song we want to make before we start writing. Other times I bring in a whole song that I?ve recorded at home. We all throw in our ideas some of them get trashed, and some we use. If they don?t fit the song we are working on, we save them for another song. We?re all creative people and we have opinions. We don?t always agree on things, so some arguing from time to time does happen, hehe. You have to fight for your ideas sometimes. That?s how it is to play in a band. We are good at compromising, so in the end it?s all good!

NC: Your sound is very technical and your songwriting is advanced. How get the Band all the Ideas for the Songwriting and the taks in it ?

Lowdown (Kenneth): We don?t plan to make the music technical and advanced, it just happens. I like to write riffs that challenges me, riffs that are interesting. For the most part we don?t use any formula on how to arrange a song, and that requires a great deal of attention from the listener. That combined with technical achievements on our instruments makes for a interesting piece of work that is ?Antidote?!

NC: I see on your homepage the making of... Antidote. Your creativity in the Guitars and working with Effects are incredible. How do you get the Ideas ?

Lowdown (Kenneth): First of all, THANK YOU for that compliment! I don?t know where the ideas come from, haha. They just come.

NC: Your sound is fuckin amazing and the Guitars sounds like Dimebag. How much influenced Dimebag Darrell (R.I.P.) your playing ?!

Lowdown (Kenneth): Again dude,THANKS! Your nice words never stops. I?m glad you are digging it! Dimebag has influenced me a lot. He have this book called ?Riffer madness?, that is a collection of guitar lessons he gave to Guitar World magazine. After I read that book I got a whole new view on how to approach guitar playing, and he definetly made me a better guitar player. He made me start to think ?outside of the box?, not going for the traditional approach on things. And just watching that man play the guitar, you can feel his passion for it. He is a fucking genious, and has written many of metals finest pieces, and his music will live forever. I don?t try to copy him at all, but I can?t deny such a great influence! If people hear that influence, then cool! See at it as my tribute to him!

Whats up in the next ?

Lowdown (Kenneth): Playing shows, making new songs, and promoting Lowdown like hell! Like most bands we?re working towards a goal, and that is to make our name known. We want to achieve recognition and respect from fellow musicians and fans of the genre. We want to make Lowdown our main job!

NC: Last question. When is an european tour planed, when can we see Lowdown live and direct ?

Lowdown (Kenneth): We would LOVE to go on a tour right now, and eventually we will! We?re trying to get a booking agency to take us under their wings so we can get to fucking tour! (HELP US) We need it! And I can promise you that people are going to like what they see. We are born to play live! When you see us you will understand what I?m talking about!?

NC: Thank you very much for the interview. Do you have some last words to our readers ?

Lowdown (Kenneth): Hehe ! Sure I have! Next time you?re in a music store looking for a new band that delivers hard and precise, pure fucking metal! Then please have a listen to ?Antidote?. If you like what you hear, then help us spread the word. All help in any form means a lot to us.

THANK YOU for taking your time to read this interview! Cheers!
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