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Jun 15


The Asymmetry Video Interview 2015
ENGuest: Jon Stockmann & Drew Goddard

The Asymmetry Video Interview 2015

Im März haben wir uns mit Drew und Jon der australischen Prog/Rock/Metal Karnivool in Karlsruhe getroffen.

Karnivool sind Ihrer Heimat eine recht große Nummer und füllen die großen Stadien und spielen an einem Ort gleich zwei Tage hintereinander. Mittlerweile konnten Sie sich auch hier in Europa eine große Fanbase aufbauen und werden von Ihren Fans geliebt. Ihr musikalischer Mix aus abgefahrener Musik, die rein instrumental wohl nur halb so gut funktionieren würde und den eingänigen Gesangslinien und Hooks Ihres Sängers sind das Erfolgsrezept dieser Ausnahmeband aus Australien / Perth. 

Wir hatten alle einen haufen Spass bei diesem Interview und dies wollen wir euch natürlich nicht vorenthalten. Wir haben das gesamte In
terview gefilmt, dies nun bearbeitet und online gestellt. Das Video Interview findet Ihr weiter Unten in diesem Artikel.

  1. How was the flight? Everything ok or did you have Jetleg?
  2. In Australia you fill all right large locations and stadiums. In Europe, you were able to win many new fans in the last years? What's the difference between Australia and Europe?
  3. This is the first show on the current European tour, what have you prepared, some specials in the performance and setlist?
  4. Do you use also backing tracks in your performance? And if so, how do you work with it, click tracks, Count-ins, etcetera
  5. You also plays songs from "Themata" album on the concerts. The album is still very hard to find in stores. Will you publish this album again, maybe as a re-issue?
  6. Have you already started working on a new album? And if so, how it will sounds like and when it is published ?
  7. How can we imagine the work process in the Karnivool songwriting?
  8. You always let a lot of space for the vocals in  your song! How important is it and as you developed these parts?
  9. Karnivool used in their songs very much guitar effects. What are your preferences for these effects, whats your favorites effects?
  10. Tell us a little about your equipment, guitars, pickups, amps, specials or modifications?
  11. Sometimes you are use a special tuning on the guitars. Not at all but in many songs we can hear B F# B G B E. This is a standard tuning on the 3 high strings and drop B on the low strings. How does this affect in the songwriting, and what tuning you still using?
  12. Two years ago, you have the Ghost City Studios visited in Nuremberg. There you have a special sessions recorded. We could see this a few videos. Will you might publish this session as a DVD or CD?
  13. In this session you have all recorded live in the studio? How hard was the Pertformance as playing in the studio, as were the preparations for this session and how you have worked with each other?

Autor: Pierre

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