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May 05


ENGuest: Josh

Radagast: Lets Talk about the Band, give us some information about the members, history or what ever ?

Hopesfall (Josh): Hi, my name is josh and I play guitar for the band, dustin also plays guitar, jay sings, mike plays bass, and adam plays drums. We started playing in 1998 and we basically use this band as our vehicle to see as much of the world as possible and we try to play music to the best of our abilities and just generally have a good.

Radagast: Give us a small definition about the name hopesfall and the hopesfall sound.

Hopesfall (Josh): Hopesfall just sounded cool and it has no meaning or definitions, as far as our sound is concerned, we also just try to sound cool.

Radagast: Same name, different musician, different music, very good album, but not what the most of the fans expected. What was the reason for the changes and the change in the music style?

Hopesfall (Josh): We were just trying to write something different than the last record, jay wanted to sing more, and all of us are very into just regular rock bands like the smashing pumpkins and hum, so we were writing music that reflected our influences.

Radagast: How did the crowd change? Are there still the same people on concerts?

Hopesfall (Josh): The crowds got significantly smaller, and all of our old fans started emailing us death threats. Honestly, we spend a lot of our time frightened for our own lives, I changed my address, and I entered the FBI witness protection program even though I haven?t really witnessed anything important.

Radagast: Still playing songs from the older album like "satellite years"?

Hopesfall (Josh): Yes, we mix up our set with old and new material.

Radagast: What was the concept of "A-Types"?

Hopesfall (Josh): I guess it is somewhat of a social commentary, it is a record about people and how they present themselves, but a lot of it is vague on purpose so that people can interpret it whatever way they want.

Radagast: What are your plans for the next time? New material in progress?

Hopesfall (Josh): We have been writing here and there but haven?t really sat down and started to put anything concrete together?we are just concentrated on touring this record and in the winter we will start to write new stuff.

Radagast: How is the Tour, is everything fine ?

Hopesfall (Josh): Tour is great, we spend most of our time drinking and hanging out.

Radagast: Some last words to the crowd !.

Hopesfall (Josh): Buy our record you bastards!!!!!!

Radagast: Thank you very much for the time and the interview, have some fun at the tour.

Autor: Radagast
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