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Jan 05

Die Cast

ENGuest: Band

Nc-Head: Tell us a litte bit about the band (History, Members etc.)

Diecast: We started way back in 1997 with our first tape demo titled "perpetual war"....We didn't start taking things seriously until 2001 when our first full length came out "day of Reckoning". We began to do national tours and finally solidified the bulk of our lineup. The lineup today consists of Jeremy - bass, Jason - drums, Paul - vocals, Jon - guitar and Kirk - guitar.

Nc-Head: Is the Band a fulltime job ?

Diecast: It's more like full time charity or volunteer work since we don't make any money but yes, it does consume all of our time.

Nc-Head:Whats the definition of your sound ?

Diecast: Heavy as hell with melodic hooks.

Nc-Head:Whats the roots ?

Diecast: Jon and I come from more of a hardcore background while Kirk is more 80's metal and Jason used to be strictly into death metal....Basically we're a mixed up bunch of assholes who all like heavy music.

Nc-Head: let us know something about the latest album ?

Diecast: The artwork on the US release is much darker than it's supposed to be so we are going to be using the European cover which came out way better on the next repress.

Nc-Head: How is the feedback about the album

Diecast: It's been amazing....We've had kids come up to us at the show who were nervous since we got a new singer tell us that Paul even sings the older songs better than they've ever heard.

Nc-Head: Tell us a litte bit about the Songwriting, how did the songs grow ?

Diecast: We just really took our time with them. Our old singer was preparing to leave the band so we just kept getting together without him and writing more and more songs. Once Paul stepped in we already had all the songs (besides seize the day) written and ready to go. I can't wait to start working on new material with Paul there for the songwriting as well.

Nc-Head: Whats the themes in your lyrics ?

Diecast: Alot of stuff is from Paul's own personal experiences but we also have songs wishing for the safety of our troops overseas, others are about the bands own rebirth with our new singer, etc.

Nc-Head: Did any member have a sideproject or other band ?

Diecast: No, we tend to frown on that as it takes away from our main focus.

Nc-Head: When is a tour planed ?

Diecast: We are actually out on tour now in the states but are very excited to say that we will be coming to Europe for our first time with Agnostic Front and Terror in February and March.

Nc-Head: Some last words to the people ?

Diecast: Pick up the new record and make sure to come out and see us play.....We also love to party after the shows so come up and have a beer with us.

Nc-Head: Thank you very much for the time, best wishes.

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