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Jan 05

Dead To Fall

ENGuest: Band

Nc-Head: Tell us a litte bit about the band (History, Members etc.)

Dead To Fall: We Started in 1999, and have had a constant revolving door or member changes. At the current time the lineup consists of Logan-guitar, Matt-Guitar, Jonathan-Vocals, Justin -Bass, and Tim-Drums. We have 2 records out on Victory Records, one called Everything I Touch Falls To Pieces, the newest one is called Villainy and Virtue.

Nc-Head: Is Dead to Fall a fulltime job ?

Dead To Fall: We are on tour 10 months out of the year, when we get home from tour we usually get jobs, to keep a steady form of income coming in. For the most part however we are consistantly on tour.

Nc-Head: Whats the definition of your sound ?

Dead To Fall: We play a hybrid bastard child brand of Death Metal, Hardcore, and Melodic Metal.

Nc-Head: What are the roots of dead to fall ?

Dead To Fall:We all grew up listening to Metal, and then got into the Hardcore scene, so we have a strong leaning towards both, and that definently comes out in our music.

Nc-Head: Let us know something about the latest album ?

Dead To Fall: The new album is called Villainy & Virtue. The album is not a full on concept album, but throughout the album the lyrics and overall feeling of the songs drift from dark and villainous to a more light and Virtuous sound. So the album title fits quite well.

Nc-Head: Tell us a litte bit about the Songwriting, how did the songs grow ?

Dead To Fall: The songs usually start out as someones project, they write most of the riffs, and bring it to practice. At that point we all start to help arrange the songs, and put our own little touch into each song. Matt likes to eat a lot of food at practice, because he is fat. I listen to what the song sounds like when it almost completed and write the lyrics off of that.

Nc-Head: Whats the themes in your lyrics ?

Dead To Fall: Find that the best inspiration for my lyrics is myself, and the life I live. Sometimes it does a lot of good too just simply take a step back from whatever situation you are in, and act as if I were looking from an outside perspective. I think each song has a different inspiration/meaning, so it is hard to classify all the lyrics under one broad view. I would have to say that I have realized for the most part there are a lot of outside forces attempting to drag us down, and pull us away from what we truly love.

Nc-Head: Did any member have a sideproject or other band ?

Dead To Fall: Matt used to be in a band called 7 angels, 7plauges. Logan was in bands called Nehemiah, and Coma Eternal.

Nc-Head: When is a tour planned? and when will dead to fall come to germany ?

Dead To Fall: We are coming to Germany in March with Martyr AD.

Nc-Head: Some last words to the people ?

Dead To Fall: Check out our websites at and

Nc-Head: Thank you very much for the time, best wishes.

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