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May 13


Dead End Kings - Video Interview & Techtalk
ENGuest: Per -Sodomizer- Eriksson

Katatonia - Video Interview & Techtalk - Per "Sodo" Eriksson

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Interview Fragen & Timeline

  • (00:00) You're already since the beginning of November with the new album on tour. As the tour so far and how the new songs were received by the audience?
  • (00:45) You released your latest album "Dead End Kings' end of August, for me, it has once again become a great album that I've given you 10 of 10 points. What is the response of the rest of the press?
  • (01:36) The songs on the new album fit together very well, it was planned as a concept album? Or is it just the natural songwriting process that everything fits so smoothly into one another?
  • (03:13) You both have "Dead End Kings" recorded by your self. What are the "Ghost Ward Studios & The City Of Glass" ?
  • (03:55) Describe us your work on the new album?
  • (05:00) You Re-Amp all that stuff regular just with a clean layer to use it later for the mix?
  • (06:12) You and Niklas are now official members in the Katatonia lineup, did you have already worked on the songs for the new album ?
  • (07:00) Frank Default once again created a nice atmosphere with keyboards and samples. Is it true that Frank has worked on the new album more than before?
  • (07:55) Frank belongs already to Katatonia family, is it also conceivable that he will supported Katatonia in the live ste, or you rather play the keyboard from the laptop?
  • (08:50) You are using the Line 6 HD Pro and you tell me that you switch all effects automaticly with the Laptop. Is this all connected with the arrangement in Protools?
  • (09:41) You are happy with the Line6 HD Pro sound? Or do you prefer more the real Tube sound for the Live gigs?
  • (11:35) How to create your your songs, especially when many items are contributed by Frank later. I can imagine that the songs without the keyboard until something empty sound! You know in advance how about those parts should sounds like which are recorded by Frank?
  • (13:03) How is the recording process, do you record one takes or record it take by take?
  • (14:54) I know that you mixed for the previous album the Laboga and the Blackstar amp as well. Now with that Reamp stuff do you use also this Amps and mix them?
  • (16:50) I have read an interview with Anders in a guitar tech magazine that he is using a stompbox pedal for the tuning, the “Capo” did it work well?
  • (17:45) All your guitars have stickers marked with the different tunings on the headstock. Is this special for your guitars?
  • (19:05) Jonas is using also effects on his Vocals! What are they exactly?
  • (19:55) What guitar effects do you use for the recordings and which ones you use in the live set?
  • (22:54) I saw you this year on the “Night of the Prog Festival” at the Loreley, where I also get a backstage insight into your work routine, and the 2nd time was at Summer Breeze. It looks like really relaxed!?
  • (23:51) Do you prefer the festival gigs or the gigs on a regular tour?
  • (24:28) Both festivals were great, “Night of The Prog” and “Summer Breeze”! What did you do on festivals like this before and after your gig?
  • (26:22) I've read that your are playing almost 1,5 hours on this tour including encores! How did you set up your setlist to make it special for the fans?
  • (27:42) Here's a reader question: At the gig in Berlin in November you had technical problems with the guitars! What exactly was the problem and how you feel as a musician in such a situation, especially Jonas, because you have to explain to the audience, that it soon goes on
  • (31:50) Thats it! Thank you very much, that you have taken the time to do this interview! Do you want to say anything else to our readers and your fans?

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