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Nov 05


Sicario, someone who kills people for money
ENGuest: Anton

NC: Lets talk a litte bit about the band. Give us some informations about the history, the members.....

Criminal: Well, we started out quite a while ago. The band is originally from Chile, but now there's only two members left from the original line-up, Rodrigo (guitar) and myself. We did three albums before we moved to Europe and got new members. Right now we are without a bassist though. our drummer is Zac O'Neil, who also plays in Extreme Noise Terror.

NC: Whats your musical influences, which bands or styles ?

Criminal: Since I started listening to music my tastes have been quite open. I mean, I can listen to anything from classic heavy metal like Maiden and Priest, to thrash and death metal, as well as industrial and hardcore. Also some classic rock and AOR like Journey and Queen is cool. Now, if you ask me which bands influenced us as a band, I would definitely have to say Slayer, Sepultura, Kreator, Pantera, the early death metal bands and the whole Bay Area thrash scene. Far too many bands to mention them all here I suppose.

NC: Tell us a litte bit about your sound, what kind of music plays criminal ?

Criminal: I think if you're looking for one word to describe our sound it would be thrash, but there's clearly influences from death metal and hardcore, too. But not necessarily what people think of today as hardcore and death metal, but the earlier stuff. People have described us as mixing old school thrash with modern influences, which I think is cool, because usually those two styles exclude each other. We have actually managed to take old school thrash and make it sound modern!

NC: How important are the technical guitar skills, or do you like more the simple grooves ?

Criminal: Both. I mean, I myself am not a great guitar player as far as speed and soloing goes, but I have a very solid right hand and good timing. Rod on the other hand is a fantastic lead guitar player. But if you ask me, that's not the most important thing. What's important is that what you do is honest and that you have something to say. I mean, look at bands like Discharge, they could barely play their instruments, but what they created is just so awesome and intense.

NC: The new album "Sicario" is out now on metal blade last month. Tell us a litte bit about the new record ?

Criminal: Well, we recorded the new album at Stage One studio with Andy Classen, and he got us just the sound we wanted. It's crystal clear yet brutal and pummeling. The songs are not too complicated, although there are a few that are quite complex. But I think it's got a great mix of aggression and groove. And also a good balance of simplicity and technicality, if that's what you meant with your last question.

NC: What means the album title "Sicario"

Criminal: It is a Spanish word that means "assassin", someone who kills people for money. The song "Sicario" is about kids in the Colombian slums who go into the profession of killing people because they don't see any other way out of their existance.

NC: How is the reaction about the new Album?

Criminal: Well, so far the reactions have been great. The most important thing is that the real people like it, the people who buy albums and go to shows. There are wiseass reviewers here and there who want to show how cool they are by talking shit about bands, but it really doesn't matter. Let the fucking music do the talking is what I say.

NC: Which themes are you treated in your lyrics ?

Criminal: Mostly political and social themes. Need an example? "Walking Dead" deals with the dehumanization in the big cities, "Rise And Fall" talks about American hegemony in the new world order, "The Land God Forgot" talks about the past of our country (Chile) and what we feel about it, and so on. I try to keep it all on a level where it can be easily understood, but open enough for interpretation, so people can make up their own minds about the stuff I'm talking about.

NC: What is planed in the Next and when is a european tour planed ?

Criminal: Right now we're just looking at doing some single shows here and there, maybe in the UK and Germany, while we try and get ourselves a tour that makes sense for us. I would really like to go to countries like Spain, Portugal and Italy, where we haven't been before. We might do a South American tour next year, and at the same time we've already started writing songs for our next album.

NC: Do you have some last words to our readers ?

Criminal: Cheers everybody and check out our new album. if you like hard music and don't give a shit about what's in or out, this one's for you!

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