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Dec 05

Callenish Circle

Pitch Black Effects
ENGuest: Gav

NC: Hello, as first, give us a short profile about the band ?

Callenish Circle (Gav): Well, I don?t want to bother you to much with more then 13 years of hystorical facts. So, that means that we?re around sinds 1992, quite a while now. Nowaday?s we operate under the flag of Metal Blade Records creating some X-treme Metal; a modern blend of Thrash / Death / Heavy and more styles-metal combined with some synth soundscapes. It?s pretty funny to see how every reviewer puts us in a different corner. Anyway? just listen to some samples at and judge for yourself if I?m talking a lot of crap here.

NC: What?s the musical influences from Callenish Circle ?

Callenish Circle (Gav): We started out as a Death metal cover band covering tracks from i.e. Paradise Lost, Death & Pestilence. During the years the band became more thrashier and modern. On the latest album we might be influenced by lot?s more than metal music only. We?re all five different persons with different musical tastes and everyone put?s in their little ?thing?. I think that?s what makes Callenish Circle a fresh sounding band.

NC: Tell us a litte bit about your music, what the sound of Callenish Circle ?

Callenish Circle (Gav): Well, what about: ?groovy as hell, catchy as Justin Timberlake and heavy as f*ck !?? At first glance you might put us somewhere near the melodic death thrash bands. In my opinion we?ve put in much more that what most of the melodic death thrash bands have to offer. Mmm.. I?m in an arrogant mood right now, I think ?

NC: How important is the Industrial Sound in your music ?

Callenish Circle (Gav): I guess you mean the synth-parts we integrated. Our sound engineer isn?t really happy when you call it ?Industrial? Sounds. Especially on this record we worked quite a lot with synths indeed. In ?Schwarzes Licht? and ?Ignorant? the synths are the leading parts of the songs. On all other songs the synths are a nice add-on to the guitar parts. We?ve played a couple of times Live with the synths now and it really rocks. We?ve always experimented a bit with synths and during the years the synths got more involved into the music. At this moment I think we?ve reached the limit of the amount of synths we want to integrate.

NC: Callenish Circle play on a high technical level, how important are the skills and from where comes ideas ?

Callenish Circle (Gav): The most imported skills for us is the ability to play fast and tight. Well, that counts for every metalband I guess. The main ideas from the songs come from Ronny and myself. Ronny brings ideas in the form of the guitarparts and my influence are more in the arrangements and general atmosphere of the songs. After we?ve combined our ideas for a song the others get involved. They can put in their own ideas and we keep on moulding until a song is finished. It can take a while before a song is finished.

NC: Your new Album "Pitch Black Effects" was released last month on Metal Blade Records, tell us a little bit about the new records ?

Callenish Circle (Gav): Well, the new album has been recorded at AreURecordings in the Netherlands in May and June of this year. The producer of the album is Gail Liebling who?s our live sound engineer for about 4/5 years now. He?s also responsible for the synths on the album.
For the mix we went to Tue Madsen?s Antfarm Studio in Denmark. He did the mix in about 7 days. And finally the master has been done in Berlin by Peter Neuber.
The artwork was taken care of by Mircea Gabriel Eftemy, recommended by Niklas Sundin. He is also know as the guitarplayer of Mnemic.
The European release contains besides the regular CD also a CD and DVD set. The DVD contains a professional recorded liveconcert recorded at 013 in Tilburg. And besides that we added some extra?s like festival- and studio reports.

NC: What means the title "Pitch Black Effects" from you new record ?

Callenish Circle (Gav): Well, it?s a long story but here you go. A few years ago I was in Berlin visiting the Jewish museum. Besides the whole Jewish history the most impressive part was (regrettably) everything concerning the holocaust. One room in the museum was created to give the visitor an impression of how it would feel to be locked in one of the camps. You must imagine to be in a concrete building ; pitch black, cold, humid, alone, feeling really tiny, desperate and the only light was to far way and unreachable. For some reason this made quite an impression on me and when I read a poem a few months ago it immediately reminded me of my visit at the museum. The poem told a story of someone in a hopeless situation, who got their energy from really simple things, like this beam of light coming into the room every morning. The poem described this experience as coming from a completely dark environment (pitch black) into a light environment. What you get is this overexposed effect. Besided the title ?PITCH.BLACK.EFFECTS?, the song Schwarzes Licht describes this whole story and the overexposed effect comes back into the artwork.

NC: How is the feedback about the new songs and the new album ?

Callenish Circle (Gav): When creating the album we knew we could expect some controversial reviews because of the synths we added to the album. Some conservative metalheads among us might be allergic to the synth parts. Most of the reviews are really good and talking about our the best album ever. For example we ended 5th in the Rock Hard Soundcheck. And for the few others? well? to bad but I don?t have to be friends with everyone.

NC: Give us a short overview about the lyrics on the new songs ?

Callenish Circle (Gav): The lyrics main topics are different kinds of extreme human emotions like hate, grief, anger and jealousy. Some of the lyrics are personal experiences and some of them are fictional. I like to manoeuvre myself into specific states of mind, try to express the feelings people get in certain situations and write them down in a way so that they're interpretable in more ways.

NC: When is a European Tour planed ?

Callenish Circle (Gav): At this moment we?re planning everything for 2006. Early January we will support Paradise Lost in Mexico. Further there are some dates scheduled in Belgium, France, Spain, Austria and Switzerland. We?re a bit careful with planning a European tour ?cause the last one with Exodus and Nuclear Assault wasn?t a big success for us. So, if we accept an offer we must be 100% convinced that it will be a success. Besides that we?re looking for possibilities outside Europe and since we all have a full time job besides the band we only have our holiday days to spend. Further you?ll definitely see us at the summerfestivals of 2006!

NC: Thank you for the interview, do you have some last words to our readers ?

Callenish Circle (Gav): Well, thank you for the interview. Without your support we can?t do this. I think it?s really great to be featured on a site as ?because it gives us the possibility to be introduced outside the world of Metal. Everyone who?s into some more info check us out at or

Cheers, gav // callenish circle

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