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Feb 07

Burning Skies

ENGuest: Liam (Guitar)

NC: As first, tell us a litte bit about the Band Burning Skies ?

Burning Skies (Liam): We started in 2002 with myself (Liam) on guitar, Andie on Bass and Stu on Drums. A couple of months later Merv (vocals) and Ben (guitar) joined and we quickly got a demo together and started playing around the UK. We then got picked up by Lifeforce and released "Murder..." and toured again after which Stu left and we eventually found Phil to take over on drums. We've now just released our 2nd full length "Desolation" and unfortunately Ben decided to leave also so we now have a friend of ours called Neil playing guitar. That's a very brief history.

NC: How is the music from Burning Skies, how sounds it ?

Burning Skies (Liam): Depends which release you listen to. Our first demo is all over the place, each song sounds like a different style whereas now we incorporate all those styles into one. We play a mix of Metal, Death Metal, Thrash, Grindcore and Hardcore. I think that's probably the best way to describe it.

NC: The new album "Desolation" is out on 30.10.06 on Lifeforce Records. Tell us a litte bit about the new Burning Skies Album ?

Burning Skies (Liam): It's definitely our best material to date. I still think we were finding our feet on "Murder..." but now with Phil on drums we all seemed to click in the writing process and found a common vision whereas before we had differing tastes with our old drummer Stu and i think that complicated some of the songs. We recorded it over 8 days at Rape Of Harmonies studio in Triptis. The guys there were awesome and did a great job with the production. We couldn't recommend them more!

NC: Give us a short taste about your new songs ?

Burning Skies (Liam): The songs on the new album are more straightforward and full on than our previous material. On the last cd it seemed to be riff after riff after riff so they didn't really feel like songs, more a collection of riffs just stuck together. This album feels like it has songs on it. I hope that makes sense. We just set out to write a memorable, full on, heavy as fuck album which would make you want to bang your head over and over.

NC: How is the feedback about the album ?

Burning Skies (Liam): It's been great, there's been some great reviews and a lot of positive feedback from people all over the place. I guess we'll see when we're on tour. The recent UK tour we did was really good. Now just can't wait to get to the mainland.

NC: How do you work on the new songs and the songwriting ?

Burning Skies (Liam): We spent about 2 months writing before we went into the studio. Some of the riffs we'd been working on for a while but we only finally worked everything out just before we recorded. Generally, myself, Ben or Merv will come in with some riffs and we'll just jam them out and bounce ideas around as we're playing through it. It's a pretty natural process, we'll just be playing and then suddenly we'll all go "YES!" and work on it from there.

NC: Whats your music influence and how do you use it for you own music ?

Burning Skies (Liam): We don't set out to sound like any bands in particular but obviously the music we've listened to whilst getting to this point of our lives has all had an influence on the way we write. I think a lot of the bands i listened to as a teenager have had the most influence on the way i write. Bands like Carcass, Napalm Death, Obituary, Biohazard, Helmet, Pantera....The list goes on!

NC: When is an european tour planed for Burning Skies ?

Burning Skies (Liam): We're touring with Necrophagist, Misery Index and Origin in Febuary through the European mainland. You can find the dates on our site.

NC: Thank you for the Interview.

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