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Oct 06

Born From Pain

War !!!
ENGuest: Born From Pain

NC: As first, tell us a litte bit about the Band "Born From Pain"?

BFP: Well, Born From Pain is a 5 piece hardcore band from Holland. We?ve been around since 1997 and we play hardcore with metal influences, sometimes more metal than hardcore I guess. We?ve released 3 albums and are about to release our 4th via Metal Blade Records on the 20th November and called ?War?. The other albums are ?In Love With The End?, ?Sands Of Time? and ?Reclaiming The Crown?. We?re a very hard working and dedicated band that has toured all over Europe and has also toured in the States, Brazil and Japan. We have toured with many bands as well as doing our own headline tours and some of the bands we have toured with are Biohazard, Hatebreed, Six Feet Under, Madball, Hatesphere, Napalm Death, Terror and many others. We?ve also played some of Europe?s biggest festivals such as Wacken, With Full Force, Summer Breeze, Groezrock, Pressure Fest, Hellfest and many others. We?re just a band that do our won thing and tour all over.

NC: Tell us a litte bit about your music backgrounds ?

BFP: Musical backgrounds. Well, Rob, who plays bass and co-founded Born From Pain with Che has played in numerous bands, but I guess his most notable bands were Feeding The Fire and Backdraft. Roel who plays drums played in a local band called Rimmshot for a long time, Dominik used to play in Zero Mentality and Drift, Che played in a local band, but Born From Pain is his first and only serious band and I (Karl) have played in bands such as Canvas, TSUA and Unborn. Other than that, we all have a background of heavy music, hardcore and metal in particular, but we all like a vast range of music and keep an open mind towards all styles, not just from the hardcore or metal worlds.

NC: What kind of music Born From Pain play ?

BFP: We play hardcore with a lot of metal influences. We?re not a metalcore band so to speak, because our sound isn?t pure metal and we still have a lot of hardcore sounding riffs and songs, but we also have a lot of metal in our sound as well as other influences such as the New Orleans kinda sound. We?re a heavy band with an aggressive sound. We have fast parts, slow parts, killer breakdowns, a lot of groove and vocals that everyone can get into and sing a long with. The best thing to do is check it out for yourself. You can go to our website or alternatively our myspace page which has a couple of new tracks on, as well as a couple of older ones from previous albums and the url for that is The 2 new tracks are Relentless and Stop At Nothing.

NC: The New album "War" is coming next, Tell us about your new record, how sounds the new songs ?

BFP: That?s right, ?War? is released in Europe on the 20th November, although it is actually out in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on the 17th November and I?d say that the album is a big step forward for us, as well as being our best album to date. There are no 2 songs on the album that sound the same. There are some new ideas on the album which people might not have heard from us before, that in particularly is some interesting melodies on the album, nothing that is overly melodic, but just stuff that adds more to our sound and makes the song better. There is the usual crushing breakdowns we?re known for, and vocals that people can sing along to from hearing them for the first time. There are the fast parts and groove parts that we?re known for, there are solos here and there and it really is an album that ducks and weaves whilst still bludgeoning you. At the same time though there are also subtleties in the music, things that evoke emotion. I?m really very proud of what we have accomplished with this album. It?s still a very typical crushing Born From Pain album without a doubt, there are just a couple of additions in there that make the album as a whole, more balanced.

NC: What does the album title "War" means ?

BFP: The album title ?War? is used because it is a very simple and effective word that hits you straight in the face with regards to what the album is about. That?s not to say that the album is only about war, in the sense of countries fighting one another. The term isn?t that simple, but very broad with regards to the war that continues for everybody living on this planet. Everybody has their own war going on, whether it is with fucked up governments, social issues, disease, the environment and countless other aspects that affect us on daily basis. The world we live in is becoming harder and harder to live in as each day passes and yet nobody seems to talk about what happens, nobody stands up and expresses themselves anymore. That is what ?War? is doing, it is giving people something to identify with, something they can be a part of and have their voices heard too. In this day and age a lot of people have maybe given up hope with themselves, or with the world, but we?re trying to send out a message to never give in, never lose hope, both in yourself and in the world. We want people to feel empowered, not to be afraid and I think ?War? sends that message to the fullest.

NC: Do you get some first feedback about the new songs ?

BFP: I haven?t really seen to many reviews about ?War? yet to be honest, only one or two, but what I have seen has been extremely positive and there has been nothing bad said. The main place where we have had feedback is on our myspace page where people have really been into the 2 new tracks that are up there, which is great. I?m very eager for people to hear the whole album though because as well as those 2 songs represent us, and the new album, there really is a lot more going on over the course of the 11 songs. I?m very excited about it all as ?War? totally kills.

NC: How does your songs grow, Songwriting, etc.

BFP: I guess the whole process usually starts with myself or Dominik bringing in a whole song or a riff or two to a practice. From then on we just check everything out, see what we like, see what fits, see what direction we want to go in with the song. Sometimes we?ll have nothing to work on so we?ll try improvising with an idea and try to make a riff or song from it. That was the way most of the songs on ?:War? came about actually. We had a very hectic few weeks in July before going on tour, where we wrote 7 of the songs that were on the album. All with no set idea, just coming up with something on the spot. From the point of having some riffs and ideas we like we then get a structure that we feel works as a song and last but not least lyrics are added to the song. The actual music part of it, can sometimes take forever to get a song how you want it, or it can take 10 minutes. We have one song on the album that we had been playing and tweaking for about 6 months I guess and 1 or 2 that were so easy and just flowed very naturally that were done in 10 ? 20 minutes. I?m not sure how long it takes Rob to write lyrics though, it?s probably the same, depending on what flows naturally for him.

NC: The new record will also released at metal blade records. Tell us a litte bit about you and metal blade.

BFP: Yep, that?s right, ?War? is to be released on Metal Blade, which is where we also released ?In Love With The End?. Our former label GSR Music released both ?Sands Of Time? and ?Reclaiming The Crown? and that label is very close to our hearts still, as Theo was and still is great to work with. However, despite GSR Music being one of the largest hardcore labels in Europe we felt that in order to grow, and reach new people we had to move to a bigger label and so when Metal Blade made an offer to sign us, it seemed like a logical step. We had offers from various other labels too, but we felt Metal Blade was the label that understood us the best and then label that were pointing in the same direction as we were, and for the 2 years or so we?ve been signed to them, they?ve been nothing short of great. They?re very supportive in what we do, and they?re really great to work with. We couldn?t be happier.

NC: The last question, whats happen with a Tour in the next ?

BFP: Well, in under 48 hours we head out on the road with Napalm Death for a 5 week tour across Europe, that will be totally killer. We?ve toured with Napalm Death before on the Persistence Tour and they?re a really great bunch of guys and so it should be a lot of fun. After that, we have two release shows, one in Holland and one in Germany, since the band has 2 homes these days as 2 members live in Essen, Germany and the rest of us are dotted around Heerlen in Holland. In December we?ll be playing some weekend shows there and there, including our first trip to Turkey to play Istanbul. We?ve heard awesome things about the show there and are very much looking forward to that. Then hopefully in January we?ll tour in the States and in February we?ll be doing a headline tour of Europe which should also have a killer line up, so stay posted for details of that. Also in February we?re gonna be playing 2 shows in Greece, which will be awesome, especially since within the album packaging of ?War? is a competition where you can win a trip to come to the Greece show in Athens, with flights and accommodation paid for. Also as prizes will be an ESP guitar, a Randall combo, some Vestel watches and Born from Pain CDs and merch, so people really should pick up the album as soon as it comes out to win that stuff. I think there are 50 prize packages in total to win. But yeah, we?re gonna be as busy as always.

NC: Thanx you for the interview. Do you have some last words to our readers ?

BFP: Thank you for the interview, it?s much appreciated. Last words for the readers: thanks for the continued support, check out the new album ?War? and come see us on tour with Napalm Death, it will kill. Check out or for all tour dates and upcoming shows. Oh, and listen to the new Iron Maiden, it?s great.

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