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Jun 06

Bolt Thrower

Straight forward non technical approach, keeping the guitars clear and heavy as fuck.
ENGuest: Karl

NC: As first, give us a short overview about the band, the history and the members!

Bolt Thrower (Karl): The band was established in 1986 by Gav Ward on bass and Baz on guitar. In 1987 and 1988 the band recorded 2 demos with Alan West on vocals and Andy Whale on Drums. These demos where forwarded to John Peel at BBC radio 1, he liked them and offered the band a recording session. Jo Bench joined the band and Gav moved over to play rhythm guitar. Alan West left after the radio session and Karl Willetts joined the band in 1989? This formed the solid basis for the band for 6 years until 1995. During this time the band recorded 5 albums and received much critical acclaim. I left in 1995 and Martin Van Drunen (former Pestilence front man) was recruited to perform live duties, Kiddie Kearns replaced Andy Whale on the drums. In 1998 I returned to do the vocals on the 6th album, Mercenary, However I could not commit myself 100% to the band. Dave Ingram (former Benediction front man) joined the fold for 6 years and recorded the following album Honour, Valour Pride in 2001. I returned to the band in 2004 recording our latest (8th) album, Those Once Loyal in 2005.

NC: What are the musical roots from Bolt Thrower, and what kind of bands you like today?

Bolt Thrower (Karl): When the band started we where influenced by the power and aggression of punk bands such as Crass, Discharge, Antisect, Amebix, Axegrinder, Sacrilege etc?and also impressed by the style and musicianship of metal such as Venom, Slayer, Metallica etc? We combined both styles to create the sound that is BoltThrower; it is a product of that time and era. We still listen to the old stuff that we used to listen to; I am kind of out of touch with the bands around today. You can?t beat the old School.

NC: Tell us a little bit about the Bolt Thrower sound?

Bolt Thrower (Karl): It?s heavy! what more can I say? Its foundations are formed through Kiddies consistent drumming, Jo?s Driving bass lines, Gav?s grinding Rhythms, Baz?s piercing leads and my aggressive delivery of vocals. We are infamous for our wall of guitars effect.

NC: Bolt Thrower exist since the early metal scene, what do you think? Is there a big difference too today?

Bolt Thrower (Karl): The metal scene here in Birmingham (UK) where I live was really good in the early 90?s, there where a few good pubs and clubs which we all used to hang out at regularly. I have been to a few shows and pubs recently and there seems to still be a healthy metal scene. From our experiences on the last tour we discovered that there is still a lot of people listening to metal from a wide spectrum of age groups and backgrounds.

NC: What is the difference between the Bolt Thrower sound from the beginning to today, what's changed?

Bolt Thrower (Karl):
Maybe our style of playing has matured a little, the songs we record are much less frantic than the ones that feature on our early albums. We try hard not to change our sound that much, that is the whole point for BoltThrower, each album progresses in a small limited direction musically with better production and stronger structure to the songs. BoltThrower will always sound like BoltThrower.

NC: Bolt Thrower music is pure Groove, how important is the technical guitar work in your music?

Bolt Thrower (Karl): We leave all that to Baz, He primarily works out all the fiddly stuff like leads, apart from those we try to maintain a fairly straight forward non technical approach, keeping the guitars clear and heavy as fuck.

NC: The new Album "Those Once Loyal" is out now! How is the feedback about the new Album?

Bolt Thrower (Karl): Simply overwhelmingly positive, it has been out for 6 months now and the response from press, fanzines and fans (at the shows) has been amazing. I don?t think I have seen a poor review in the metal press yet! We took some time recording it, but all the extra effort was well worth the wait.

NC: Lets talk about the new Record, tell us a little bit about "Those Once Loyal" give us some background information?

Bolt Thrower (Karl): Well You have probably heard it by now, but if you have not well the new album keeps firmly to the strong BoltThrower tradition laid before. The new album has a better overall production quality, the songs are possibly the best structured and worked out BT songs to date. The bass is more audible which drives the songs better and I?m doing the vocals.

NC: Which topics are Bolt Thrower treated in the new Songs/Lyrics?

Bolt Thrower (Karl): The imagery focuses on WWI and the songs/lyrics follow that theme. The constant theme of the battlefield is used throughout all BT lyrics; it is up to the reader/listener to interpret them to their own meanings, they relate to many things in many ways.

NC: Bolt Thrower visit Europe and Germany on the next Tour, what can the Crowd expect?

Bolt Thrower (Karl): We have recently completed 2 extensive European tours in January and April, they where phenomenal. The shows where pretty intense with loads of stage diving and loads of people really up for a good time, every night felt special, the tour was like a huge metal party, we had some good times with bands such as Malevolent Creation, Nightrage, Nectrophagist, God Dethroned, Kataclysm and Downlord to name just a few?It was killer.

NC: Do you have some last word to our readers, or anything to say?

Bolt Thrower (Karl): Thanks to Pierre for the interview, thanks for your most valued and most loyal support of BoltThrower, Thanks to all our fans/supporters/followers? We will be back on tour soon that can be assured.

NC: Thank you very much for the Interview, we see us on Tour.

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