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Jul 06

Blind Sight

This is crushing mid-90?s metal with some modern melodic influences, some Gotenbourg style
ENGuest: Band

NC: Hello, is everything allright ?

Blind Sight: Hi, everything is going great. We just returned from our European tour with the Black Dahlia Murder, the German dates were sick!

NC: As first, tell our readers a litte bit about the band "Blind Sight"

Blind Sight: Our name is Blind Sight. The band consists of Emile Schoenmakers (drums), Auke Visser (guitars/backing screams), Tommie Bonajo (guitars/producer) and me (Geert Kroes vocals/bass). We?ve been around for quite some time now. We started jamming back in 1996 when we were about 15 years old. Done some shows playing covers from bands like Pantera, Machine Head and Life of agony and soon be began writing our own material. Recorded a mini cd called ?Lies In Conviction? in 2002, released by ourselves in 2004 due to lack of interest by labels. In januari of 2005 we recorded our first full-lengt album called ?The Tenderstrike Salvation? We hired an abandoned butcher shop near my home town Grave (\m/), turned it into a studio and recorded our parts with the help of engineer Sebastiaan de Rooy. We stayed there for a month, then Tommie took the tracks, recorded his guitar parts and some of the vocals and edited, produced and mixed the whole damn thing. I created the artwork, and we sent out promo packs to the labels containing three rough songs from the album. We immediately got responds from some cool labels and a few months negotiating later we got signed by GSR music.

NC: Tell us about your music, whats kind of music play Blind Sight ?

Blind Sight: We play a combination of styles we love. This is crushing mid-90?s metal with some modern melodic influences, some Gotenbourg style, some metalcore. That pretty much sums it up.

NC: Whats the musical roots and wich bands are the most influences ?

Blind Sight: We are all inspired by old Metallica and mid-90?s metal (like Pantera, Machine head, Life of agony), but we listen a lot to the bands of today as well as a lot of other non-metal music styles. But looking back I?d say Metallica is the band that got us all into metal.

NC: The Album "The Tenderstrike Salvation" is out now on GSR Music, tell us a litte bit about the new records ?

Blind Sight: We recorded and mixed it by ourselves in an abandoned butcher shop. Our guitarist Tommie is currently finishing up his study for sound engineer, so this was totally convenient. The record is all about contrast. The word Tenderstrike is a made up word created by two opposites. We like to combine extremes, you know, fast thrash metal with melodic chorus lines and atmospheric passages. Salvation stands for letting go. Letting go of the feelings hidden in the lyrics. Some are uplifting and positive, others are aggressive, depressive and pissed-off. Again the contrast of these different items highlighted in the lyrics is pretty much summed up in the album title.
Tenderstrike Salvation is about letting go and in a way a metaphor for death. That?s what the raven in the artwork stands for.

NC: The new songs are very aggressive, how do you get all the power make music like this ?

Blind Sight: Everyday life. Like a lot of bands the lyrics come out of everyday life witch can suck as hell or can be beautiful. There?s a lot to sing or scream about. It can be about the smallest thing or it can be politically charged. Whatever is going on in our/my life. On this particular record the death of my girlfriends sister comes back frequently. These kind of things in life inspires me to write lyrics andgenerally inspires us to write aggressive music.

NC: How did the songswriting process work ?

Blind Sight: Basically everyone can come with a riff and we?ll work it out together, or someone can come with an entire song without the vocals. It totally depends on who has inspiration and when. Most important of all, we write as a group. The decisions musically are taken in a democratic way, and everyone is respected as a musician. If someone is going to write an entire album by himself he might as well hire a touring band and do everything on his own.

NC: Whats happen with an European Tour, what is planed for the next.

Blind Sight: We have an option for Denmark, Sweden and the UK, but that?s not sure yet so I can?t say anything about that. We are planning on touring our asses off so if you see us hitting your town in the near future, don?t hesitate to drop by and party with us!

NC: Thank you very much for your Time, do you have some last words to our readers ?

Blind Sight: Thank you very much Pierre. I would like to ask the readers that don?t know us to go and check us out, and give Blind Sight a try! Take the easy way and surf to

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