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Aug 05

Black Dahlia Murder

ENGuest: Band

Das neue The Black Dahlia Murder Album "Miasma" ist seit 22.08.2005 in den L?den. Ich habe den Jungs von TBDM diesbez?glich ein paar Fragen gestellt.

Nc-Head: Tell us a litte bit about the Band, give us some Infos about the members and tell us what the name "The Black Dahlia Murder" means ?

TBDM: We?re a fast melodic death metal band from Detroit Michigan. We are named after the unsolved slaying of aspiring actress Elizabeth Short. There is a pretty wild legacy left by one little murder?

Nc-Head: Which Bands are the most important for the musical influences of The Black Dahlia Murder ?

TBDM: At The Gates is a pretty obvious influence. Carcass is another. We?re also pretty into Darkane.

Nc-Head: And wich bands today are inspiring for "The Black Dahlia Murder" ?

TBDM: Capharnaum, Arsis, Necrophagist, Vader, Cephalic Carnage. I see and hear a lot of bands that are making relevant metal music.

Nc-Head: Give us a short definition in some words, what kind of sound are you playing ?

TBDM: Fast yet melodic death metal. We are striving to combine brutality with actual song writing, a feat that is often lost on the new generation of death metal acts. Technicality is a priority, don?t get me wrong, but writing potent songs is what its realy about for us.

Nc-Head: The new Album "Miasma" is recorded and out in stores on 22.08.2005. Give us some background infromation about it

TBDM: Miasma is our second full length record. It?s being released in Europe by Metal Blade records.

Nc-Head: How was the Recording works into the Studio ?

TBDM: It was more fun that work. It is always an exciting process to make a hard copy of ideas and movements the band has been working on for some time prior to the studio experience.

Nc-Head: What kind of themes are the lyrics based ?

TBDM: "Miasma" is a direct reaction to what its like to be in our band and be all over the road. It is a glimpse at the crucibles and triumphs of being straight-up bad-asses that are almost never sober and always ready to TACO BELL it YEAH!!!.

Nc-Head: Is "The Black Dahlia Murder" a fulltime Job ?

TBDM: I wouldn?t necessarily call it that considering that every other job I?ve ever had was a profitable in a monetary sense. This is more like a mission of righteousness, we bring the rock, and all shall either see Our Grand Vision or spend eternity as a lowly non-fan.

Nc-Head: Is any member active in a Sideband Project ?

TBDM: Right now Brian is working on his speed metal band in between ozzfest dates.

Nc-Head : Whats coming in the next, Tour, Video or what ever ?

TBDM: Ponies will probably be brought to the table. I can almost surely promise that there will be snakes and a wrestler of wild beasts, possibly Dick Clark or whatever.

Nc-Head: Give us some last words to our readers ?

TBDM: You guys are really swell and I really can?t wait to come over to your schoolyard to chow down on your sweet euro-flesh.

Nc-Head: All right thats it. Thank you very much for the Interview.

TBDM: No, no, no. Thank you !!!

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