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Jan 06

Becoming The Archetype

Becoming The Archetype
ENGuest: Band

b>NC: As first, give us a short overview about the band Becoming The Archetype, the history and the members !

BTA: We have been around for almost seven years now. The band has had quite a few different names, of which the two most important are ?The Remnant? and ?Becoming The Archetype?. When under the moniker ?The Remnant? the band recorded an album on their own, which is referred to as the ?Red? CD. The real journey for the band begin, however, in December ?04 when they changed their name to Becoming The Archetype, added me (Count Seth) and keyboard and signed to Solid State Records. After that, we toured several months in ?05 and are excited about the progression of the band for ?06.

NC: Whats the musical roots from BTA, and what kind of bands you like today ?

BTA: When we listen to heavy music, we listen to metal, bands like Opeth, Extol, Nile, Black Dahlia Murder, etc. But very often we listen to more classical music such as Mozart and Chopin and softer music such as Enya, Ben Folds, and Ayreon.

NC: Tell us a litte bit about the BTA sound ?

BTA: We like to contrast brutality with beauty. Therefore, when we write heavier riffs, we like them to be fast and technical and brutal. But when we write softer sections, we aim for the most beautiful sound we?re capable of. We are a progressive metal band, so we tie riffs together and have many transitions throughout each song. ?Undeceived? by Extol was a very influential album for all of us, and some people say it shows in our songwriting.

NC: The new Album "Terminate Damntation" is out now ! How is the feedback about the new Album ?

BTA: So far most of the reviews have been good. Especially in Europe. Germany seems to like us and we?re touring the UK in March hopefully, so maybe we?re somewhat popular there too. The States were a little slower to catch on. Being on Solid State Records is an interesting thing for us because they sign mostly hardcore bands so many Solid State fans were taken aback at our metal musicianship. But it seems that online and magazine reviews have warmed considerably once they got a chance to actually listen to our ?Terminate Damnation.?

NC: Lets talk about the new Record, tell us a litte bit about "Terminate Damntation" give us some background information ?

BTA: The title and artwork set the tone for the theme of the album: Spritual warfare. The albums lyrics and even music describe the battle that goes on all around us. We in the band, as Christians, know that there is a realm much more real than what is around us. Gods and Lords battle continuously in a spiritual dominion over the souls of men and the fates of the world and we are instructed to be active in that warfare. The album portrays that struggle and seeks to encourage others in the fight and inspire bravery and put down cowardice.

NC: Which topics are BTA treated in the new Songs/Lyrics ?

BTA: Mostly just describing the world as we see it. Speaking of how evil the world is and the death and despair that prey upon every one of us, we want to show people how to gain victory over those things. Sometimes that means descriptions of death and war, sometimes it means praises Jehovah, our God. We honestly care about people and want them to see truth in all it?s beauty.

NC: Is BTA a fulltime job ?

BTA: We?d like it to be and it definitely takes lots and lots of energy. However, it might be another year or so until the band really pays our bills and until then, we have to work when we?re home to keep us from being broke.

NC: Plays any BTA Member in other Bands or Projects ?

BTA: At this point, no. Sometime in the future, maybe. Our new guitarist, Alex, is from Aleitheian, and so I guess that might be considered a side project. BTA takes up so much of our time that we don?t really have much energy for anything else.

NC: When is a European Tour Planed ?

BTA: As I said, we?re planning on touring the UK in March and hopefully we?ll get to come over and tour some more of Europe later in the year. We?ll see what works out. We toured with Extol early in ?05 and they said we would enjoy Europe and Europe would enjoy us, so we?ll take their word for it. We?re excited to be over then whenever we can.

NC: Do you have some last word to our readers, or anything to say ?

BTA: Stay true to metal! Don?t give in to what so many Americans give into: image instead of musicality. If you wanted image, you could buy a fashion magazine. Buy music for the music. Thanks for reading this!

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