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Aug 05

As I Lay Dying

Shadows Are Security
ENGuest: Nick Hipa

Das neue As I Lay Dying Album ist seit dem 20.06.2005 am Start. Zeit um mal mit AILD zu sprechen. Nick Hipa hat mir Rede und Antwort gestanden.

NC-Head: Give us some Background Informations about the band, members, history or what ever ?
As I Lay Dying: As I Lay Dying was started in 2001 by Tim (vocals) and Jordan (drums). Since the bands conception, we have had roughly 20 different members, that number may not be correct but we really have had tons of dudes in the band. Once everyone decide to make the band "serious" it settled down to the five dudes we have now. In addition to the previously mentioned, there is Clint (bass/vocals), Phil (guitar) and myself (Nick-guitar).

NC-Head: What meant the name As I Lay Dying, is there are deeper background on it ?
As I Lay Dying: Our old guitar player took the name from american literary legend William Faulkner. There was no deeper meaning initially, it was simply a brutal name that everyone agreed upon.

NC-Head: Whats the musical influences of As I Lay Dying ?
As I Lay Dying: As a band we are influenced by various bands and musicians, the bands that are probably most recognizable in our music would be these: Maiden, In Flames, Living Sacrifice, and Meshuggah. Personally my favorites are Randy Rhoads, Pink Floyd, Thin Lizzy, Botch, and At-The Drive In.

NC-Head: Lets talk about the new Album, how is the feedback about "Shadows are security" ?
As I Lay Dying: We have been getting a lot of good feedback on the tour (Ozzfest) so far from fans and peers. I'm sure there are criticisms out there, luckily I haven't heard an overwhelming amount of them.

NC-Head: Tell us a litte bit about the songwriting, development and recording phase ?
As I Lay Dying: We write songs like this: Phil will usually have tons of riffs he's stoked on, Tim will arrange those riffs into a rough song, we'll demo it on an 8-track and add all the necessary touches. I don't put any leads on anything until we demo the basic arrangement first. We recorded the album in Encinitas, California which is conveniently the city we live in. It took about 3 weeks to record.

NC-Head: How important is the technical guitar and drum work for your sound ?
As I Lay Dying: I love playing riffs that challenge me as a guitar player. Riffs that I can barely play after we write them, and perfecting them a few days later. We all love the challenges technical parts may present, but our first concern is memorability. We don't try and play anything for the sake of impressing other musicians, we like to have a point. That being said, we try and write music that we think sounds great regardless of how hard it is to perform.

NC-Head: Which topics are treated in the new Songs, tell us a litte bit about the lyrics ?
As I Lay Dying: Our lyrics deal a lot with learning how relationships work. The concept of loving something with fleeting emotion, and learning how to truly understand why you feel the way you do.

NC-Head: Did any member plays in a Sideband Project, or is As I Lay Dying the one and only ?
As I Lay Dying: Jordan and I are in a tech-metal band called Master Originator.This is one of those bands where all we care about is playing the most ridiculous stuff. We haven't done much though seeing how we are always on tour.

NC-Head: What is coming in the next, what is planned ?
As I Lay Dying: Since our album just dropped we will be touring for the next year probably. I know after Ozzfest we go over to Europe for a few weeks, right when we get back we do a Slipknot/Unearth tour for a month, and after that we do a headlining tour with Norma Jean, Madball, and A Life Once Lost.

NC-Head: Do you want to say some last words to our readers and the fans ?
As I Lay Dying: Yeah, If you have any random questions you've ever wanted to ask us feel free to talk to us at a show! And to everyone who has ever supported us, thank you!

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