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Jun 06


Lost in Focus
ENGuest: Mike

NC: Hello, give us some information about the band Apiary?

Apiary (Mike): Howdy, this is Mike from Apiary. We are a metal band based out of San Jose, California .

NC: Tell us about your music, what kind of music does Apiary play?

Apiary (Mike): I think the best way to describe our music is "Dissonant Metal". It's ugly, unpleasant and confrontational. We strive to make really dark music that has energy, rather than going the slow/drone route.

NC: What are the musical roots and which bands are the most influential?

Apiary (Mike): We all listen to very different things. Our influences for many of us come from trying to convey a feeling or an emotion, rather than sound like bands that we enjoy. There are definitely bands that influence us personally though, we just don't agree on any of them. The bands that really inspire me personally are the bands I listened to growing up and still listen to today. Peter Gabriel, Ministry, Godflesh, Sisters of Mercy, Love & Rockets, Neubauten, Test Dept? I could do on for days, but I like music that paints pictures for me. Takes me to places in my mind that I have never been to. I hope to someday be able to do that in my writing.

NC: What does the name "Apiary" mean?

Apiary (Mike): An "Apiary" is a storage unit for bees; a place that bees are kept for the purpose of making honey. It means something different for all of us. I personally like the idea that bees in art have been represented as royalty, and the image of the imprisonment of royalty is very interesting. It's also a very chaotic place when 1st observed, then you realize that there is a very organized system to it.

NC: The new Album "Lost in Focus" is out now on Ironclad / Metal Blade Records, tell us a little bit about the new Record?

Apiary (Mike): Well, the album isn't really easy to listen to. There is zero melody involved, so it is very unpleasant to the ear. We include several things that are involved with traditional metal to make one want to listen to it more than once (hopefully), but overall we really consider this album to be the "Anti-Melody". I feel it is much more of an album than a collection of songs or singles. It should be taken as such. We repeat a lot of the same dissonant chords throughout the album to create almost a drone feel with heavy rhythms when listening to it from the beginning to the end.

NC: How is the feedback about your album "Lost in Focus"?

Apiary (Mike): There's people who "get it", and people who don't. It seems that our fans or anyone that had heard us in the past really get it. They say some of the nicest things ever regarding the album. However most of the internet album reviews have been from people who would never listen to us in the first place, they don't get it and they write it off as a terrible album. These are the people who are wanting to hear another trend rip-off band. Most of the reviews have labeled us "technical" and name drop the "technical" bands they have heard of. We do experiment around with some different time signatures rhythmically, but in no way are we a technical band. I can't wrap my head around those other technical bands; I just can think that fast.

NC: Tell us a little bit about the lyrics on the songs?

Apiary (Mike): I didn't write them so I can't really comment on them. I know that Jay writes about personal experiences and feelings he has towards others and towards himself.

NC: How was the Songwriting for the album?

Apiary (Mike): We had all been in bands together so the process went rather smoothly once we had planned out, prior to writing, what the album was going to sound like. We kind of gave ourselves these rules to follow regarding how the songs were going to sound. It took about 6 months to write the album and it took 8 days to record it.

NC: What happen with a Tour in Europe?

Apiary (Mike): We are dying to get over to Europe. Hopefully we can get out there by the beginning of 2007. We have definitely been getting a lot more push in Europe than here in the states. We have been doing a lot more press for Websites and Radio stations based out of Europe. So it would be wise to get over there soon.

NC: Thanks for the interview; do you want to leave some words to our readers?

Apiary (Mike): Thanks Pierre. Thanks for the review of the album also, and thanks to all the people reading this. I hope you get something from the album that stays with you. Look out for us in 2007 to be playing your area.

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